Cedar Management Consulting | Careers

Why Cedar? 

  • Highly entrepreneurial “roll up your sleeves” culture. In fact, some of the consulting practices and business units we run today, were born from ideas that came from brainstorming sessions within our teams.
  • Be a part of a diverse team. Our consultants across levels come from a wide variety of cultures, personal and professional past-experiences. We believe that peer-to-peer learning and sharing is as powerful as learning from live consulting project experiences.
  • Join a firm with deep heritage. Apart from the fact that the Balanced Scorecard was built by our former leaders, Cedar has also successfully built a global consulting practice with a strong centre-of-excellence in the Financial Services and Financial Technology industry.
  • Our unique and agile structure allows for high levels of empowerment to our consultants. Across levels. Both within the organization and also in client environments. At an early stage, Cedar consultants are given opportunities and access to leadership, decision makers, and C-suite client executives, providing opportunities to learn and grow immensely. This starts as early as your entry-level Research Analyst role.

A Glimpse into our inspiring work environment

  • At the heart of our culture and values is a strong client focus. Client is king. Our commitment to this motto, combined with the fact that some of the largest organizations in the world rely on us for advice, means that the work environment is intense with lots of hard-work. This is essential.
  • Owning to our entrepreneurial and self-starter culture, we do our best to make our office environments feel like home, with open spaces and trading-floor styled desk spaces. Everybody sits together. No matter how junior or senior.
  • Cedar is committed to career and personal development of its teams. The culture we develop here is wherein our members can connect with each other, network with clients and always enjoy their work.

Cedar Knowledge 

  • Our most valuable asset is our knowledge. Knowledge and learnings from 30-years of consulting experience across industries from around the world.
  • In line with our agenda to boost the personal growth of our consultants, we do our best to make use of continuous knowledge-sharing platforms and techniques across all levels of the organization
  • Examples of the various forms this takes include but are not limited to periodic trainings (technical and soft-skill), weekly knowledge sessions on different topics, guidance sessions by leadership for young and aspiring consultants, amongst others.

Buddy and Mentorship Program

  • We recognize the steep learning curves that consultants need to ride to get fully up to speed. Especially in dynamic team environments where you are often on more than one case at a time.
  • Our Buddy programs aim to enhance and speed up the learning curve for new hires and in also build relationships and make friends along the way. 

Cedar Back to School

  • Just like knowledge, we value education immensely. This is exhibited in the efforts we put in to recruit top-quality talent from MBA programs around the world.
  • We also understand that consultants are often looking for a few (minimum 3-year track) years of valuable consulting experience before going and studying further. We stand by this and encourage this. Managers often play a role in guiding consultants through these processes and also sometimes assist with a voluntary recommendation. 

Fun at Work

We recognize the importance of having fun and building friendships within the organization. We do our best to foster this in the form of various activities throughout the year. Sports tournaments, treasure hunts, field visits, comedy clubs, and insightful company annual retreats are just some of the ways in which we like to celebrate.

Cedar Wellness

Along with some of the fun and work we have spoken about, comes the importance of wellness and staying healthy. We believe in this strongly and are committed to offering wellness programs around the use of health clubs/gyms, spa programs, making contributions to our employees running marathons, amongst other ideas.

Come, join us! We’re hiring.