CIL Management Consultants

CIL is an international management consultancy with offices in the US and Europe. We help businesses grow, build value and invest wisely. We are rigorous in our approach, confident in our conclusions and expert at what we do.

Founded in 1986, we have extensive experience helping businesses to identify and prioritise the best opportunities for growth. We approach our clients’ challenges with passion and energy, conducting exhaustive and tailored analysis, guided by deep industry expertise.

Typical engagements involve extensive primary research, competitor assessment and evaluation of business performance. We focus on the key commercial issues and always maintain a strong, supportive client relationship.


We specialise in strategy consulting, assessing and building business plans, identifying market opportunities and due diligence.

Management support
Advising management teams with their key strategic and operational decisions; from what strategy to pursue to how to deliver it.

Investor advice
Assisting investors throughout the investment process, identifying opportunities, advising on investment decisions and supporting post-deal.

Advanced analytics
We leverage advanced analytics to help our clients transform business data into a strategic asset. 

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