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Students and Young Graduates
We recruit consultants from the best business or engineering schools, with strong autonomy and creativity, as well as the ability to quickly integrate into a young and continuously growing team.

Experienced Profiles
We are mainly looking for consultants with significant experience in the consulting business, with strong functional expertise in at least one of our 4 areas of excellence. Operational experience is an additional asset.

Recruitment Process

01 A first interview with a Kepler partner allows you to understand your background and your motivations to join us. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about our business and our vision for Kepler.
02 The second interview, also with two partners, is essentially focused on the suitability of the candidate, including the completion of one or more practical cases.
03 Finally, you can meet with a consultant from the Kepler team to ask questions about daily life at Kepler or the content of the assignments.

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