Big data and analytics at Metyis

Through our big data and analytics services we offer complex solutions that allow organisations to bring game-changing initiatives to life and build the technical infrastructures, capabilities and processes to achieve sustained and profitable growth. We empower digitalisation and enable our clients to back their decisions with actionable insights. Our data teams, consisting of engineers, scientists and visualisers, operate at the core of these initiatives and build a solid foundation for every analytical solution we implement for our clients.  

Hiring Process

Online application (and optional coffee round)
Send us your resume, motivational letter and grades lists from university and high school. As an optional next step, a coffee round can be set where we will tell you everything about Metyis and answer all of your questions. 

Fit interview
Express your motivation, experience and fit with Metyis and elaborate on your technical skills.

Technical interview
Give a presentation about a big data and analytics project you previously worked on and answer in-depth questions about its application to different business fields.

Partner interview
Ace a business case by translating a business challenge into a technical problem and suggesting a roadmap to achieve the business objectives.

Employee testimonies:

Zhichao Zhong

“Every day there are different things to work on and new things to learn. The most amazing thing is that we are part of our client’s business. In this way, we can create both opportunities and solutions with entrepreneurship in our minds. We grow together as our clients grow.”

Albert Binnendijk

“Working at Metyis means you are in control. You decide what you want to do, how you want to do it, how you want to develop yourself and where you want to go. At Metyis, you’ll be able to take full ownership of your career while working in a dynamic and ever-changing work environment.”

Robin Opdam

“I got the opportunity and responsibility to work in an amazing team for an interesting client. This experience, open-minded people and great onboarding are what made my first career choice an easy one.”

Dolly Sharma

“Metyis is an organisation that provides opportunities that always keep you on your toes. It pushes you to become a stronger professional every day! Metyis promises strategy and execution to its customers that provide satisfaction to see the impact of your work. The cross-culture experience and smart surrounding help you grow quickly and keeps it interesting.”