Enabling functions at Metyis

With our current pace of growth and expansion, it is essential to have the organisation’s fundamental structure and administrative processes meticulously organised. Metyis’ enabling functions include all members that work within the finance and recruitment departments or those supporting the organisation as executive assistants. With this group of enthusiastic and driven people, our enabling functions actively contribute to Metyis’ achievements and growth. All members of the enabling function teams are expected to prosper their roles and take initiative where they see fit to redefine processes and drive change.  

Employee testimonies:

Ana Reis

“At Metyis, I found a place where a friendly work environment and a sense of mutual trust and collaboration truly shines. In my journey, I have helped design and implement HR core processes, which have a great impact on our people. It has been intense and rewarding to contribute to Metyis’ growth and feel that I am growing alongside the company.” 

Caroline Gunawan
Group controller

“It has been a fantastic journey to experience the evolution of Metyis from its inception and see it transform into a global company that is rapidly expanding its footprints. The value of strong teamwork and cultural diversity, where everyone is valued, has made us solid and resilient as a team.”

Felicia Loudon
Senior executive assistant

“Working for Metyis as an Executive Assistant means I am in the wonderful position to be part of almost everything. Metyis is constantly growing and I feel I am growing with it. In my role, I am lucky to give support where it is most needed and to help the company become stronger from the inside out. Working with so many international colleagues in and out of the office is what makes my role extra dynamic and fun.”