Software and hardware at Metyis

In recent years, our clients have challenged us a lot to grow towards product development in the form of apps, platforms and IoT products that support digital strategies and enable clients to unlock previously untapped potential. As such, we are heavily invested in developing teams that bring to life digital products, services and businesses that empower our clients to not only stay ahead of the curve but actually pushing it forward. Our software and hardware teams work in a creative environment, where innovation, agility and craftiness are essential to disrupt businesses at scale. 

Hiring Process 

Online application
Send us your resume with detailed information about your experience, achievements, project outcomes and areas of expertise. 

We send you a coding challenge to test your knowledge in the programming languages and aptitudes in the frameworks we are looking for. 

Fit and technical interview
Show your motivation, experience and fit with Metyis and elaborate on your technical skills. You will give a presentation about the challenge that you previously received from us and will answer in-depth technical questions. 

Employee testimonies:

Ricardo Silva
Lead hardware engineer

“Being part of Metyis opened the door to work with different business partners across distinct fields and allowed me to learn how to use state-of-the-art technologies from my multidisciplinary team. Having the freedom to decide the technologies to use and the possibility to see the products we work on being used across the globe had a great impact in choosing Metyis.”

Nuno Oliveira
Lead front-end developer

“The multidisciplinary team, the involvement and expertise of more experienced partners, and the thirst for knowledge from younger people make Metyis a work environment that inspires confidence. Here at Metyis I found a dynamic team that achieves great things.” 

Henrique Sousa
Lead front-end developer

“Working at Metyis means implementing cutting edge technology, dealing with modern problems and finding solutions that effectively result in positive change for the client. Most of all, it means having a relaxed and friendly working environment that still fosters the competitive spirit to produce innovative work. In the last few years at Metyis, I contributed to the company focusing on the betterment of its collaborators, continually challenging them to tackle new problems while driving their personal development.”