Strategy and execution at Metyis

Strategy and execution at Metyis

In today’s era of disruption, setting direction is more important than ever. At Metyis we think that powerful strategies are driven by integrated sets of choices and a strong commitment to creating acceptance and change across all levels of the organisation. With the accelerating pace at which technology is progressing, digital opportunities are redefining future ways of working across industries and functions. Our strategy and execution teams are closely involved in the creation process of such strategies and actively participate in the implementation phase of our services.  

Hiring Process 

Online application (and optional coffee round)
Send us your resume, motivational letter and grade lists from university and high school. As an optional next step, a coffee round can be set up where we will tell you everything about Metyis and answer all of your questions.

Fit interview
Demonstrate your motivation, experience and how your profile aligns with Metyis and ace a short market-sizing question. 

Case interview
Conduct a real-life case interview during which your problem-solving skills will be assessed. 

Partner interview
Prepare a short presentation for a real-life client request and present your strategic thinking to two of our partners.

Employee testimonies:

Vera Schut

“Working at Metyis for me is like taking a ride in the biggest, fastest rollercoaster that keeps changing its tracks while being held tightly by a strong pair of buckles. We’re constantly pivoting our own business model and those of our clients by pushing boundaries and pioneering new ideas while working with the best team ever.” 

Sabrina Bernal

“Metyis is the perfect blend between a start-up and a big consulting firm. We offer the know-how, talent and best practices of traditional players alongside the flexibility, ambition and people-oriented approach of boutique firms.” 

Jacobo Vila

“After my first round of interviews, choosing Metyis was a clear shot for me. Moreover, the variety of work areas and teams involved guaranteed that the learning path would never stop. In the last year, I had the chance to work with three different teams. It is incredible how much we enjoy sharing memories when we meet during the monthly drinks.” 

David Costa

“Having finished my MBA, I wanted to join a company that would accelerate my professional growth while allowing me to be entrepreneurial and directly contribute to the company's growth. Metyis has far exceeded my expectations. Not only have I learned tremendously from the people around me, but also I feel my voice is heard and I am able to actively contribute to the development of the Dubai team. It is a great feeling to drive impact for your clients as well as for your own company.” 

Myrthe Rustemeijer

“During the years that I have now worked for Metyis, I have been given the chance to rapidly grow my responsibilities from performing (data) analyses to leading a group of cross-functional colleagues throughout international projects, as well as having end-to-end project responsibility including senior stakeholder management.”