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We are the “Payment Genies” Thé payments partner dedicated to anyone in need of payments expertise. We've secured this position through continuous knowledge development in payments, business & personal learning!

Join our pursuit of greatness!

Our values

  • Knowledge
    To learn, adapt and grow.
  • Dedication
    To people, long-term relationships and results.
  • Opportunity
    To discover, contribute and achieve.

Committed to Skill Growth & Fulfilment in Your Day-to-day Life

Payments expertise is more urgents than ever before, and our knowledge level is one of our key company wide quality assurance metrics. This is why we completely train our employees with our self made bespoke payments education system.

Our team education & trainings include:

  • The complete payments value chain & ecosystem
  • External company trainings by subject matter experts
  • Tech stack & growth tools
  • Service relevant learnings
  • Be the first to receive our payments academy certificate

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