Sourcing Champions

Sourcing Champions is a boutique strategy consultancy dedicated to Global Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing Champions was founded in 2014 by Robert Waalder, inspired by his previous experience as Vice-President Procurement for Dutch Multinational Philips. Our mission is to champion transformations in Global Sourcing & Procurement, by creating the best possible operating model, processes, teams, solutions and instant results for procurement organisations.

We have teams and locations in Amsterdam and München. Sourcing Champions works further with a carefully selected team of independent senior experts to present the strongest team to the client. From Strategy & PMO to category / industry experts, we are able to lead from small to very large multinational assignments.

We bring together our knowledge, experience, and commitment in various interconnected boost programs which have proven successful over the years:

Procurement Strategy

Strengthen the capabilities of organisations in the development of high impact sourcing & category strategies based on deep supply market insights to drive bottom line results and top line growth. 

Procurement Transformation

Champion transformation programs in (multi)national corporations to change the procurement operating model and teams to best in class, achieving high impact and business advantage.

Cost reduction

Successfully deliver 5-15% cost reduction and a significantly improved NWC in our intensive 12-week program where we do sprints through Top Supplier Conventions, Design-to-Cost, and Global Sourcing.

Innovation & Project Sourcing

Designing and implementing large innovations or projects to create the maximum competitive advantage for companies and their ecosystems.

Digital Procurement

Bringing digital transformation programs to help companies get the maximum value out of digitalization and enable a full virtual sourcing environment. This by their own expertise and by partnering with leading cloud-based solution providers for deep understanding and effective implementation. Two important digital partnership programs are  Cirtuo and SimpliContract by Sourcing Champions. 


Sourcing Champions is the global #1 strategic implementation partner of Cirtuo, the world’s leading AI- category strategy creation software platform. Sourcing Champions provides its own unique category strategy boost program based on Cirtuo’s AI- guided strategy creation. We provide the following programs:

  • Cirtuo pilot implementation and training
  • Cirtuo roll out implementation training, coaching and PMO
  • Full strategy boost program based on Cirtuo
  • Strategy and cost reduction boost program based on Cirtuo


Sourcing Champions is the preferred European implementation partner of SimpliContract, a next generation AI-powered & SaaS-based contract life-cycle management (CLM) platform solution. Through our in-depth Contract Lifecycle Management Consulting, we cover the full contract lifecycle from pre- to post-signature, for all types of contracts. We provide the following programs:

  • CLM consultancy
  • CLM implementation
  • CLM as a service through contract value creation insights. 

Sustainable Procurement

Sourcing Champions recognizes the importance of sustainable and long-lasting procurement operations that minimize the impact on our environment. We expand and strengthen social and environmental responsible practices within your procurement organization  to ensure a better future and bring innovation to the daily activities.

Boosting Performance

If you are interested in boosting performance of your Procurement department, do not hesitate to contact Sourcing Champions to inquire about the possibilities for a consultancy or interim project.

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