For more than 30 years, Tensing offers experienced GIS and data specialists. That is how we help organizations make data more valuable and (more) applicable.

Our specialists can form or support your GIS or data department for a short or longer period of time. They offer the necessary knowledge and technical skills in the field of data integration, geographic information systems (GIS) and location data.

Together, we realize innovative data solutions and solid, applicable information products and solve complex data issues.

How can Tensing help you?

With the largest certified team of ArcGIS and FME specialists in the Benelux, Tensing always has the right specialists available to get the most out of your data.

Within our work, we ensure harmony between data and functional applications through data conversion, transformation, and automation. We use only the best technology stack, namely Esri ArcGIS (GIS) and Safe Software FME (ETL). We also offer FME training and provide FME licenses.

Supply of data specialists

  • (Arc)GIS specialists
  • Data Integration / FME specialists
  • (Geo)Data scientists

Esri Utility Network

  • Strategic advice
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • FME Licences

FME Training

  • FME Desktop Training
  • FME Server Training
  • Coaching

Why choose a Tensing consultant?

Good GIS and data specialists are scarce, but not impossible to find. What makes a Tensing specialist special and why is it the best choice to strengthen your company?

More than a technician
At Tensing, you can be sure to engage a specialist who is skilled and up-to-date on the latest developments. We continuously invest in training and certification programs. But we also train our people to proactively think along with your business challenges and identify opportunities at an early stage. We provide knowledge, inspiration, energy and results!

Experience in your industry
Tensing is a true knowledge driven organization. Our specialists work in various industries and share their experiences and knowledge on a daily basis. Because many of our consultants continue to work in the same industry, they become data experts within that market. You will benefit from this as an organization.

Scalable and flexible
At Tensing, you're not stuck with permanently hiring staff. If the need for a data specialist arises or grows, you can scale up quickly and easily. And at a cost-effective rate. Is the project over or the need fulfilled? Then you can scale down again just as easily.

Expert for your needs
A Tensing consultant is always certified, driven and results oriented. With Europe's largest team of certified data specialists and 5 European offices, we deliver the expert you need. Fast and hassle-free.

To learn more, visit www.tensing.com

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