Varrlyn is a consulting firm which was founded in 2010 and is based in The Netherlands. Our aim is to make our clients successful in their system implementations and/or application support. Our focus is on dealing room applications of financial institutions.

Our people breathe, dream and live dealing rooms. We have extensive experience in IT system implementations and application support for different financial markets applications. Varrlyn has a proven track record: we have worked for financial institutions in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Sydney. We will help you improve your cost efficiency, simplify your application architecture, optimize the time to market, increase straight through processing and comply with financial regulations. In short: You do the deal, we'll do the project!

Varrlyn specializes in understanding, clarifying, designing and implementing the most intricate financial IT projects (in parts or as a complete custom-designed package). We can take a process apart, make it work better or build a new one from scratch.

Varrlyn offers the following services:

  • Define operating models & prepare business cases

  • Design, build & test of trade processing and related applications

  • Deploy service introduction & facilitate training

  • Application support of trade processing and related applications

  • Project management

Varrlyn holds a partnership with Murex. Varrlyn employees are involved at the majority of the Murex implementations in the Dutch financial services market. Varrlyn assisted in many other Capital Markets projects leading to successful implementations within time and budget.

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