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Zanders is an independent firm with a track record of innovation and success across the total spectrum of Treasury & Finance.

Our values

Specialist knowledge
As a thought leader within our areas of expertise, we closely monitor all developments and apply our knowledge in innovative ways. With specialist expertise and knowledge, our consultants create sustainable solutions and add value.

Our independence is twofold. In the first place, we work exclusively for our clients. This ensures that our work is objective and unbiased, while preventing conflicts of interest. Independence is also cemented in our governance and the privately owned structure of our company; the entrepreneurs and shareholders together form the firm’s management team.

Zanders’ DNA is based on the following values:

  • Ambition: we aim to be the best within our field and our customers’ preferred partner.
  • Passion: our consultants are driven – both as individuals and within teams.
  • Sustainability: we run our business responsibly to ensure future long-term growth.
  • Creativity: we are critical about ‘the norm’ and continuously look for innovative solutions.
  • Freedom: having responsibility leads to development, an individual opinion and open communication leads to innovation.
  • Satisfaction: a key success factor, as job satisfaction leads to more respect, openness and creativity.

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