Dumarey Group teams up with BearingPoint for supplier management

19 April 2024 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read

European automotive company Dumarey Group has launched a new procurement system for its internal teams and suppliers, supported throughout the transformation process by BearingPoint and Jaggaer.

Belgium-headquartered Dumarey Group is a manufacturer of high-performance propulsion systems, such as transmissions and engines. The company, which sells its products to major automotive groups, employs more than 3,000 people in 6 locations in Europe and Asia.

With over 2,500 suppliers in more than 40 countries, Dumarey Group faced the need to streamline its procurement processes with suppliers, and related information flows within the own business.

Dumarey Group teams up with BearingPoint for supplier management

Teaming up with BearingPoint, Dumarey Group drew up a new blueprint for supplier management processes, backed by automation and digitization. To enable the process, Dumarey Group selected a solution from Jaggaer.

“BearingPoint adopted a strategic approach during the project,” said Nicolò Masserano, Director in the Sourcing & Procurement team of BearingPoint. “We started with an analysis of procurement processes with a view to digitisation and specific customer needs such as, for example, the need to combine the administrative management of suppliers and their day-to-day quality reporting in a single tool.”

The consultants then supported with the actual delivery of the new way of working, including the implementation of the system (together with Jaggaer experts) and ensuring that procurement staff in production sites in Turin, Pisa, Strasbourg and Bouthéon are fully aligned with the new way of working. Key users of suppliers are also being trained on the new way of working.

The project has laid the foundations for “a supplier management system that prioritises flexibility and transparency”, said Masserano, contributing to “significant optimisation of efficiency and compliance.”

Francesco Reynaldi, Head of Supplier Management at the Turin site of Dumarey Group, reflected on the upgrade: “The Supplier Management department has, with the collaboration of BearingPoint and Jaggaer, implemented a tool that allows us to achieve our goals of digitization, compliance, and governance. Thanks to this improvement, we can more efficiently involve our supply base, with whom we work daily to pursue these goals.”

According to BearingPoint’s Masserano, the project will down the line contribute to Dumarey Group’s strategic goal of building long-term relationships. “In today’s disruptive environment, having a clear view of everything concerning one’s suppliers is a competitive advantage in the market.”

Working with suppliers

According to a previous report by BearingPoint, suppliers to the automotive industry are facing a growing need to adapt to a changing landscape. Responsible for spend and supplier relationships, procurement play an integral part in delivering company objectives, with digitization considered a key avenue for building efficiency and agility in operations.

Having close relationships with suppliers is also increasingly important from a sustainability point of view, in particular for combatting scope 3 emissions.