Big Four firm PwC launches foundation in Luxembourg

06 May 2024 2 min. read

PwC has launched its own Foundation in Luxembourg, aimed at channelling the firm’s support and funding to not-for-profit initiatives in the country and beyond.

François Mousel, Managing Partner of PwC in Luxembourg, said that the launch is a significant milestone in the firm’s longstanding tradition of supporting local charities and communities.

“PwC has a longstanding history of philanthropy and is committed to supporting and contributing to the communities in which the firm is involved and where the majority of our employees are living,” he said. “A dedicated Foundation will help us increase our impact and ensure continued engagement.”

Big Four firm PwC launches foundation in Luxembourg

In a statement, PwC said that its Foundation will support projects enabling access to education as well as cultural initiatives. Projects will either be based or focused on Luxembourg itself, with some spill-overs expected to reach initiatives in surrounding countries such as France, Germany and Belgium.

The Foundation will also provide emergency support in response to humanitarian and environmental crises worldwide.

Overseeing the Foundation are five members: three representatives from PwC – Rima Adas, Olivier Carré and Chantal Braquet – and two independent members, Tonika Hirdman and Stéphanie Damgé.

“PwC is a major corporate citizen of Luxembourg and the greater region. As such, we intend to engage and contribute to local communities in the same structured and professional manner as we do in professional services client work,” Mousel concluded.

Comments from other leaders

Olivier Carré, Deputy Managing Partner at PwC: “PwC has engaged in philanthropy and pro-bono work for many years. We encouraged many of our employees’ spending their volunteer hours on local initiatives and communities. As a segregated and dedicated foundation we intend to bundle our donations and broaden our impact by embarking on a long-term journey with our people, the local communities and public authorities.”

Stéphanie Damgé, Chairwoman of PwC Foundation: “As Chairwoman of the Foundation, I am honoured to guide the foundation through its philanthropic journey. My role ensures not only strategic oversight but also impartial governance, helping to steer our efforts towards creating sustainable impacts in education and culture. I am eagerly looking forward to working closely with the entire board as well as the Foundation to enrich local communities.”