German data consulting firm Parsionate joins Accenture

02 May 2024 2 min. read

Germany-headquartered data consultancy Parsionate has joined forces with global counterpart Accenture.

Headquartered in Germany (four offices) and with further offices in Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, Parsionate is a consulting firm specialised in data. The company specialises in data products and data foundation services, with its offerings ranging from data strategy to technology implementation.

The deal will see around 130 professionals cross to Accenture, where they become part of the Data & AI practice.

German data consulting firm Parsionate joins Accenture

Christina Raab, market unit lead for Accenture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, said that Parsionate’s arrival comes at a time of heightened demand for data expertise.

“Data is essential to a company’s ability to harness advances in data science and artificial intelligence. Parsionate’s holistic data expertise will enhance our ability to provide clients with highly tailored and effective data-driven solutions that will help them harness the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence.”

“Parsionate brings exceptional proficiency in data and analytics, combined with strong international data product capabilities and deep industry expertise,” said Kathrin Schwan, who leads Accenture’s Data & AI business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The acquisition of Parsionate is the latest in a series of moves by Accenture to strengthen its Data & AI business. In recent months, the company also acquired customer experience analytics provider GemSeek, process innovator Ammagamma and data consultancy Redkite.

Meanwhile, for Parsionate, the integration into the global counterpart (Accenture has 700,000+ staff worldwide) will offer the firm’s clients and staff with new and enhance opportunities, said Thomas Sperrfechter and Michael Fieg, founders and managing directors at Parsionate.

“Our clients value us for giving them a competitive edge by enhancing their data readiness and enabling data as an asset. By joining forces with Accenture, we will generate synergies along the data and analytics value chain and will be able to offer even more comprehensive and innovative data-driven solutions, while providing new growth opportunities to our team.”