Coen Degen leads Oliver Wyman's Dutch financial services arm

04 June 2024 2 min. read
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Oliver Wyman has named Coen Degen as the new leader of its Financial Services practice in the Netherlands.

Hot on the heels of his return to the office following an extended parental leave, Coen Degen has taken up an expanded role – now sitting at the helm of Oliver Wyman’s powerhouse Financial Services practice.

A sixteen-year company member, Degen has been with the global strategy and management consultancy since the early days of his career, gaining pierce in Frankfurt before crossing to the firm’s Amsterdam office.

Coen Degen leads Oliver Wyman's Dutch financial services arm

“My time at Oliver Wyman in Frankfurt coincided with the peak of the global financial crisis,” recalled Degen, meaning that he found himself at the heart of the European action to stabilise and re-build the continent’s banking stability. “It was a career-setting experience that solidified my conviction in the importance of state-of-the-art risk management.”

Despite the reputation dent which the industry took at the time, Degen found himself committed to help drive change for both institutions, as well as the wider society. “I have since then been dedicated to supporting financial institutions in navigating their core challenges and crises.”

“The financial services industry has the power to shape economies, empower individuals, and drive global progress – it is a key enabler in almost every societal and environmental transformation we would like to achieve. That is one of the aspects that draws me to the industry.”

With a focus on strategy work, Degen collaborates with banks, insurers, and market infrastructure providers. He has a particular passion for risk management, capital markets and complex transformations.

The Amsterdam adventure

When Degen transferred back to his native the Netherlands early 2013, he was one of the early founding team members of the Amsterdam office. He played a pivotal role in helping establish and build out the office – fast forward to today and the Dutch team is over 90-person strong.

With 8 partners and a team of over 30 consultants dedicated to the practice, Degen now leads the firm’s largest industry vertical in the county. “I'm looking forward to continuing to expand our leading presence in the Netherlands and our impact for our clients, together with the partner team and – most importantly – our amazing group of consultants.”