Emerton launches new unit dedicated to advanced data analytics

29 October 2018 Consultancy.eu 4 min. read

Emerton, a consulting firm with offices in Paris, New York and Dubai, has launched Emerton Data, a new arm dedicated to helping clients embrace emerging technologies that are set to disrupt their strategies and operating models. Aimé Lachapelle, who is based in France, has been brought on board to lead the new offering.

As global consulting firms bid to capitalise on a booming market to mine vast amounts of data to help shape strategy, Emerton has launched a new service to meet client requests for leveraging their data gluts. Emerton Data will serve clients globally, offering data analytics and artificial intelligence advice to businesses around the world. Emerton Data will be steered from Paris, where the competence hub is based.

While the unit itself is new, Emerton builds on extensive experience in the area – the consultancy has dealt with a wealth of projects in data and emerging technologies. In the fine chemicals industry, Emerton helped a client use advanced data analytics to understand the drivers and correlation rules underlying sales performance, as well as the ability to push for price increases without jeopardising sales conversion. Beyond direct top-line impact, the client increased its fully dynamic visibility on sales pipeline development, from the sales and marketing community level to the ExCom level.

Among the list of other cases Emerton has helped with, a major food & beverage was facing a 3-level distribution network, with hundreds of thousands of retailers, but little contact with retailers in the value chain or consumers. By collecting and making sense of “deep data” about retailers and their final customers, Emerton was able to assign retailers to segments, and guide the allocation of resources in terms of sales and marketing to accounts with the greatest business potential.

Emerton launches new unit dedicated to advanced data analytics

Emerton’s move to create a dedicated data analytics wing echoes recent similar moves from many of its rivals. According to data from Source Global Research, the consulting industry for analytics is expanding rapidly. In order to tap into this, OC&C Strategy Consultants recently struck a partnership with Ugam, while the mighty McKinsey & Company acquired Quantum Black in London to kick-start its venture into data analytics consulting.

Aimé Lachapelle

To establish and grow the new unit of the strategy consultancy firm, Aimé Lachapelle has been appointed as Managing Partner of Emerton Data. Lachapelle draws on over ten years of experience having initiated and led advanced data and AI projects for large corporate leaders in various industries.

Prior to joining Emerton Data, Lachapelle was Director Data Science at Capgemini Invent (formerly Capgemini Consulting), where he led data projects in various sectors: aerospace, defense, financial services and insurance. He supervised the set-up and operation of big data platforms for an aerospace leader, as he did for a major European banking group, where he transformed the risk function’s practices through the use of AI on massive data sets.

Asked why he decided to team up with Emerton, Lachapelle said, “Emerton Data offers both the environment of a fast-changing tech culture, together with the challenging and international work environment of Emerton, a high-standard strategy consulting firm with strong business expertise and a deep focus on technology.”

Lachapelle added that recruitment for Emerton Data is well underway to meet growing demand. He explained; “We are looking for the best talents: we are building something big, something challenging, something different.”