Turkish Airlines turns to German consultants for airport relocation

03 January 2018 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read

In preparation for the opening of the Istanbul New Airport, the internal consulting wing of Munich Airport has been awarded a long-term consulting contract from Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines covers three quarters of all international flights at the existing Atatürk Airport, and has engaged the consultants to prepare for their expansion into the new location.

At present, Istanbul New Airport is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Turkey. Backed by a private consortium of five Turkish construction companies, the new facility will be located on the Black Sea Coast, 35 kilometres from the Turkish capital’s centre, as the crow flies. The bill for the construction will hit an investment total of €10.3 billion, and upon completion, the location will be the world's largest airport which was “built from scratch” – boasting an eventual capacity of 200 million.

Turkish Airlines currently operates 75% of all international flights at the existing Atatürk Airport. The group flies to more international destinations than any other airline in the world, reaching 300 locales in 120 countries with its fleet of 328 aircrafts. By 2023, Turkish Airlines plans a fleet expansion of as many as 500 commercial and cargo aircrafts, counting 170 aircraft on order and the aircrafts whose rental periods are due to come to an end by the close of 2023. This expansion is in line with the global aviation industry as a whole, which stands to add over 10,000 aeroplanes to the sky by 2027.

Turkish Airlines turns to German consultants for airport relocation

Relocating such a huge carrier to the new location will need comprehensive strategic planning and close coordination with all stakeholders, partners and authorities. To that end, Turkish Airlines and Munich Airport have signed a long-term consulting service contract. As of now, consultants from Munich Airport will support the flag-bearing airline in preparing a smooth relocation of its operations to the Istanbul New Airport, scheduled to open on 29th of October, 2018.

Munich Airport International (MAI), a newly established subsidiary of Munich Airport’s operating company FMG, offer full-cycle support for airport developments and expansions across the globe, including in the areas of airport and terminal planning, process and profit & revenue optimisation, training services, and comprehensive airport management. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich Airport’s operating company FMG, MAI is responsible for all national and international consultancy, management and training services. The 70 experts at MAI provide full airport life-cycle services, including planning/design, project management, operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT), operation management, commercial development and process reengineering.

Ralf Gaffal, Managing Director of Munich Airport International (MAI), commented on the new contract, “We are very pleased to support the largest operational readiness and transfer (ORAT) project in aviation history with our meanwhile 25-years of ORAT expertise from more than 30 projects. Our sincere thanks goes to Turkish Airlines for the trust they have placed in us. We are very proud to be a partner of such a successful, award-winning and ambitious airline.”

The consulting wing of Munich Airport has become a global industry leader following its launch. Recently, the team of internal consultants from the Bavarian airport were also engaged for readiness tests for the opening of the new Muscat Airport, in Oman.