The best consulting firms to work for in Germany and France

07 February 2019

Six consulting firms have been named a top company to work for in Germany and France. According to an annual ranking based on the feedback of employees, Capco, MHP, Capgemini, Bain & Company and KPMG are among Germany's top employers, while onepoint made the grade in France.

With the competition for talent rising across Europe, being able to set a company apart from its competition to attract future recruits has become more important than ever before. To that end, Glassdoor is a platform where employees can review their employers, either using their real name, a pseudonym, or anonymously. The American-origin platform, which launched across Europe in 2015, has since gained a strong foothold in the online landscape for career orientation and recruitment.

Based on all ratings given to its website, Glassdoor has populated a list of the 25 best employers for six countries, including Germany and France. Unlike other awards, there is no self-nomination or application process, instead it’s entirely based on the feedback of employees. To determine the top performers, the researchers evaluate all company reviews shared by employees.

The best consulting firms to work for in Germany and France

Best consulting firms to work for

2019 sees five consultancies named a top firm to work for in European economic powerhouse Germany, while in neighbouring France, only one consulting firm managed to rank in the country's list of top employers.

Scoring 4.4 stars out of a possible five, Capco was ranked as the fifth best place to work in Germany overall, making it the best consultancy to work for in the country. The firm, which returned to independence in 2017, received the best reviews of the consulting industry by its staff.

One employee cited a great feedback culture at Capco “that allows younger colleagues in particular to constantly evolve and learn from their more experienced colleagues.” Echoing this, another agreed; “Capco offers exciting development opportunities at every level and many opportunities to learn. There is always the possibility for a direct exchange with the management and the partners.”

Porsche-owned MHP is an international consultancy based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, specialising in digital and process consulting. The firm also received an average of 4.4 stars from its employees. Reviewers celebrated the firm’s “colleagues, kickers, expenses and development opportunities,” as well as the illustrious company car model which comes with their job. Another stated that the firm’s youthful culture fosters self-belief, saying, “Huge opportunities. Even as a trainee I was always taken seriously.”

Receiving a rounded score of 4.3, Capgemini also ranked highly in Glassdoor’s overall listing. The firm recently merged its consulting, digital and creative units to create Capgemini Invent, and the firm’s all round creative culture was one of the main pluses for its staff. One noted, “Free leadership culture with a great deal of creative freedom. Very respectful interaction with each other – on the management side and in the team,” while another extolled the virtues of the firm’s exciting and diverse tasks, and a “high commitment to diversity.”

Bain & Company also averaged a score of 4.3 from its employee feedback. The strategy consulting giant is also a top consultancy to work for in the UK, and as with its British wing, the firm was praised by its staff for “extraordinary colleagues, excellent teamwork, good career options”, as well as its “overall working atmosphere, promotion and good care of employees.” Bain and MHP are the only returners from last year’s list, which also included Deloitte and Accenture.

Finally, Big Four firm KPMG made the cut for Glassdoor’s ranking in Germany, with a score of 4.2. The benefits listed by contented employees at the firm’s German offices included its “exciting business model and versatile deployment and development opportunities”, alongside its promotion of flexible working hours and home work possibilities and its overtime either being paid out “or the option to take it as leisure time.”

Meanwhile in France, one consulting firm managed to win a place in Glassdoor’s ranking. This is the same as last year, however the consultancy in question then was Wavestone. Now, it is onepoint, which ranked as the sixth best place to work in France as a whole, and is therefore considered by the analysis to be the best consultancy to work for in the country.

Scoring an average of 4.3, onepoint is a major player in digital transformation in France, employing some 2,300 staff. The hierarchy of the company and cultural flexibility were cited as key pros for employees, with one praising the “availability of members of the management,” and the “promotion of the balance between professional and private life.” Another consultant went as far as to call it a “small paradise.”

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Working as a young professional at ACE Company

19 April 2019

Janco Jordaan joined boutique consulting firm ACE Company seven months ago. The young professional reflects on the highlights of life with his new employer, as well as what he has learned since arriving at ACE.

ACE Company is a boutique consulting firm from the Netherlands that focuses on regulatory change in the financial services industry. The firm’s clients typically are financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, asset managers and pension funds, as well as regulators and supervisors. Having enjoyed growing demand, the firm has been on a recruitment drive in recent months.

Having spent five years in the legal sector, Janco Jordaan decided that the time was right for a new challenge in consulting. He joined ACE as a Junior Consultant, driven by a desire to broaden his business knowledge. “ACE’s area of expertise – implementing regulatory change in the financial sector – promises for an exciting challenge, which I am definitely up for. I wanted to surround myself with experts; ACE was a perfect fit in this regard.”Working as a young professional at ACE CompanyDuring his first seven months, Jordaan, who holds a Master’s degree in International Business Law, has mainly been focused in the banking sector, working on analysis enabling a cross-domain understanding on the planning and maturity of regulatory topics throughout the bank. His work takes place at a time when regulatory change has grown into one of bank’s top strategic focus areas for the coming years. Amid a growingly complex landscape, and in a bid to curb reputational and operations risks, getting compliance right has elevated itself into a boardroom topic – the recent media attack on ING on the back of its AML blunder demonstrated just how important scrutiny can be.

Asked how he is able to keep his knowledge up to speed in order to operate at the forefront of change, he pointed to the full-fledged support from the team. “The seniority and diversity of ACE’s team means that there is a great deal to be learned from team members.” He added, “ACE embraces diversity. This means we have a team with all sort of different backgrounds e.g. different cultures and various career paths.”

Training on the job and a fixed curriculum for training ensures that knowledge and capacities are lined up with client demands. Jordaan: “We also have internal projects and knowledge sharing initiatives to ensure up to date knowledge. And every Friday, ACE organises a team meeting focused on knowledge transfer and team-building.”  

According to Jordaan, one of the best things about working at ACE however is the firm’s open culture. “To me the culture at ACE is best described by the words: balanced, sophisticated and real.”