Celonis admits Dutch consultancy Finavista to partner programme

21 March 2019 Consultancy.eu 4 min. read

Celonis, a leading supplier of analytics software for process mining, has admitted Dutch consultancy Finavista into its partner programme. 

“Finavista is our latest consultancy partner in the Netherlands,” said Alexander Lethen, who leads Celonis in the Benelux. “By leveraging their extensive expertise in the field of data management, process automation and data analytics, Finavista will significantly increase Celonis’ reach in this region.” 

Founded in 2011, Celonis is one of Europe’s most recent tech unicorns. The company has developed specialised software that help its clients analyse and optimise their business processes through process mining automation. “Celonis acts like an MRI for businesses that instantly shows how processes are running and prescribes recommendations for improvements to make processes more efficient, more compliant, and more effective,” explained Alexander Rinke, one of the company’s three co-founders. 

Celonis’s software is used by organisations to assess and fix their bottlenecks in operations, supply chains, procurement, finance and manufacturing. Among the firm’s customers are multinationals such as Airbus, ING, Innogy, Siemens and Vodafone.

The addition of Finavista to its network broadens its coverage in the Netherlands and Belgium, and deepens the firm’s presence particularly in the financial services industry and supply chain landscape. The Utrecht based consulting firm is a specialist in operational performance, supporting clients with offerings including process improvement and automation, data migration and quality, advanced analytics and process mining.Celonis admits Dutch consultancy Finavista to partner programme“According to a study by IDC, companies on average are losing up to 30% of their efficiency due to deficiencies in their processes,” said Marcel Schenk, Managing Partner of Finavista. “Our process mining service helps clients gain insight into misaligned and suboptimal activities internally as well as across the value chain, allowing them to remove inefficiencies and detect risks before they have a negative impact.” 

“We choose to use Celonis as our preferred partner for process mining as the software forms a powerful tool for analysing processes. Leveraging the tool, our customers will better be able to comprehend the effectiveness and compliance of their processes based on real, and real-time data.”

Teaming up

Up and running now for a few months, the duo have meanwhile teamed up on a number of occasions. Schenk lauded the first results delivered. “Our first joint experiences are positive. Data can be loaded into the tool with little hassle, after which analyses can be run. The algorithms analyse a company’s real data, allowing for an actual representation of the truth. Results are gained quickly and with significantly less effort compared to traditional process analysis engagements. Overall, several of our analysts have been trained in the Celonis platform and they are very enthusiastic about the ease of use and the insights they are provided.” 

The first projects have focused on both back-office improvements, such as data migration and quality, but also on customer journey related improvements. “This is an area for which demand is picking up,” said Schenk, pointing at the growing need for touch points to satisfy customers’ needs while striving for more personalisation and digitisation. 

Alongside improving the quality of its analysis, for clients the Celonis partnerships brings the added benefit in enabling Finavista’s consultants to perform their work quicker. “There is less of a need for longer and expensive consultancy projects, but combined with we can deliver quick and factual results.” Asked if this doesn’t intrude on the consulting firm’s commercial interests, he said, “We position ourselves as a trusted and long-term partner to our clients and therefore put the interests of the clients first.”

“Finavista has a strong track record in data-related assignments and has distinguished itself through its inventive, skilful, loyal and driven consultants who are committed to deliver long-term results,” concluded Lethen.