Renault launches consulting offering for electrification of fleets

16 October 2019

French car giant Renault has launched a consulting offering focused on helping companies embrace lower-carbon mobility. 

The offering, branded as ‘Mobility Consulting by Renault’, will help companies with greening the carbon footprint of their automotive and transport fleet and with the transition to more sustainable mobility concepts, including car-sharing and multi-transport mobility models. 

The launch comes against a backdrop of growing demand for lower-carbon mobility concepts. Companies of all sizes and transport organisations are eyeing all kinds of ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their fleet, while governments and municipalities are implementing interventions (low emission zones, taxation, subsidies for electric cars) in a bid to accelerate the transition.

Renault launches consulting offering for electrification of fleets

For businesses, implementing an lower-carbon mobility strategy can be a complex exercise. It requires not only a good view of the most suitable type of electrification (100% electric, hybrid, rechargeable hybrid), but also on fleet renewal dynamics and maintenance, and how recharging ecosystems can be built and maintained. 

In the eyes of Jacques Bousquet, a Director at Renault, the firm is a pioneer and leader in electric mobility; “We already have ten years of experience in this field.” The firm also sees itself “at the forefront of the introduction of ecosystems, including charging infrastructures, and of shared mobility solutions specifically designed for businesses,” Bousquet added.

Leveraging this experience, ‘Mobility Consulting by Renault’ will serve as a consulting and implementation partner to corporates and mid-sized businesses globally. The firm’s consultants will first help clients with an analysis phase – assess requirements and coming up with recommendations – and then support with execution and embedding the change within the standing organisation. 

According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company, electrification of fleets is one of the four major disruptors that are set to change the face of the global automotive sector, alongside autonomous driving, connectivity, and new business models such as on-demand driving.