The Experience Professionals joins partner ranks of ThoughtSpot

07 November 2019 3 min. read

The Experience Professionals, a boutique Netherlands-based customer experience consultancy, has become a partner of ThoughtSpot, joining the likes of larger counterparts Accenture, Bain & Company, Cognizant, Horvath & Partners and Merkle. 

ThoughtSpot is a provider of AI-driven search software, which allows employees to search the millions or even billions of data-points housed within their company’s operations. Using natural language processing and conversational analytics, the company’s software allows employees to have a “conversation with their data”, and then get insights through visual reporting. Examples include “How many biscuits did we sell in Germany last year” or “Show me the top monthly sales by customer.”

By empowering all employees to easily tap into the potential of data-driven working, ThoughtSpot positions itself as a game-changer in the space. Most of its customers are large organisations, including automotive giant Daimler, diamond-miner De Beers, National Australia Bank and retail leader Walmart.

Into the Benelux

In a bid to grow its presence in the Benelux, ThoughtSpot has added a new partner to its 90-strong partner network. Partners play a key role in the ThoughtSpot ecosystem, supporting clients with understanding how to leverage ThoughtSpot for strategic insights (consulting partners), how to implement the software (implementation partners), how to build and maintain the technology (technology partners), and how to operate and host the platform (cloud partners).The Experience Professionals joins partner ranks of ThoughtSpotThe Experience Professionals was founded just last year by Bart-Jan van Duijn-Versteden and Jeroen van Deurzen, who both previously gained an extensive background in implementing customer experience in industry and served Bain & Company. Their firm helps customers with services including customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) strategy, voice of the customer/employee and the design of customer/employee journeys, from strategy through to execution.

Commenting on the partnership, Toni Adams, ThoughtSpot Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances said, “By combining The Experience Professionals' deep expertise in customer and employee experience transformations with ThoughtSpot analytics platform, we’re enabling our customers in the Benelux to accelerate their CX & EX transformation journey like never before.”

According to co-founder Van Deurzen, there is “no denying that organisations which empower their teams with data-driven insights create teams that deliver better and more personalised experiences for their customers and employees.” In today’s rapidly connected and tech-powered era, driven by advancements in technologies like cloud, IoT and mobile, possibilities are endless for bringing customer and employee experience improvements to scale.

Van Deurzen and Van Duijn-Versteden have previously delivered positive impact with ThoughtSpot, and are now as a certified partner looking to bring the solution – recently named a leading analytics and business intelligence platform by Gartner – to organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

“We have experienced first-hand the staggering number of requests data scientists get around improving customer journeys, detecting customer pain-points or finding reasons for employee turnover. There are simply too many for most data teams to handle. With ThoughtSpot, we are able to provide our clients with the capability to find data insights to deliver a great CX/EX at the speed of light,” said van Duijn-Versteden.