Accenture Belgium moves office to Gare Maritime in Brussels

05 November 2019 2 min. read
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Accenture is moving its Belgian headquarters to Gare Maritime in Brussels, one of the city’s most iconic new office space developments.

“This flagship space will be a key enabler of our business vision,” said Bart De Ridder, who is Country Managing Director of Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg. “It offers a place where our talent can work hand in hand with clients, and will better equip us to work with ecosystem partners to accelerate efforts to address complex societal challenges.”

“Embedded technologies will provide employees the tools for virtual collaboration, and flexible work practices will answer the needs of new generations. The new office is a place to feel welcome and at home, and to grow and thrive together,” he added.Accenture Belgium moves office to Gare Maritime in BrusselsWhen Gare Maritime was first delivered at the turn of the 19th century, it was one of the largest freight railway stations in Europe. The space is 280 metres long and 140 metres wide and consists of three large halls and four smaller halls. Following an exhaustive redevelopment plan by real estate owner Extensa, Gare Maritime has now opened up shop. 

The renovation is part of a broader regeneration in the Tour & Taxis region, aimed at turning the area into an attractive and multipurpose environment; one that offers diverse accommodation, next-generation workspaces, and state-of-the-art venues for conferences, seminars and events. The area will also provide retail and leisure facilities, as well as publicly accessible open and green spaces.

The Belgian arm of global professional services firm Accenture is the first company to move to Gare Maritime. The new office hosts all breeds of Accenture employees; strategists, management consultants, design thinkers, technology experts and creatives. While the 70 employees from Kunstmaan (part of Accenture Interactive) will remain working from their offices in Leuven and Antwerp, they will be able to team up closely with Brussels-based colleagues in the office’s innovative and creative spaces.

A dedicated section has been reserved for Accenture’s Liquid Studio, which is a space that fosters world-class innovation and rapid prototyping. De Ridder: “Liquid Studio is both a physical space – including a tech area to build prototypes – and a core team of diverse Accenture talents with design and industry expertise. In this unique environment, our people and clients will work together, pitching as one team, to co-create new solutions that unlock value and growth.”

Earlier this year, Accenture was ranked a top employer by a research firm in both Belgium and Luxembourg.