Google-based PSA solution VOGSY expands task management

05 December 2019 3 min. read
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VOGSY, a professional services automation (PSA) solution on the Google Platform, has expanded its project management capabilities with added task management features, allowing consultants and staff to improve the way they deliver their projects and the quote-to-cash process.

Launched three years ago by AllSolutions, a Netherlands-based software company with customers in 20+ countries, VOGSY is an ERP platform for project-driven businesses such as consulting firms. The solution is the only PSA built on the Google Platform, helping companies to extend their G Suite into sales, project management and finance, and everything in between. 

Since launching, VOGSY has been implemented by dozens of consultancies and professional services firms globally, lauded for its integrated approach to operations. Mark van Leeuwen, CEO of VOGSY, explained; “One of the most frequent pain points we hear is that companies have budgets in one place, resource planning in another, separate tools for tasks, timesheets and invoices – and use multiple spreadsheets to make sense of it all. VOGSY eliminates this problem, and the time and headaches that come with it.”

VOGSY project with tasksHe added, “Instead of requiring complex tool integrations or forcing users to learn entirely new and complicated ways to manage their work, VOGSY offer a simple and transparent approach that lets teams do more with less tools and processes, and get meaningful work done.” 

As part of its continuous improvement cycle, VOGSY’s developers have now expanded the solution’s task management capabilities with several add-ons. Having added tasks within a programme/project, users can view all tasks in the planning phase and assign them to the activity, organisation, or opportunity of their choice. 

By aligning tasks with an automated task timer, users can leverage automation to eliminate manual entry and extra steps, and similarly, as projects progress and planning changes, tasks can be easily rescheduled or shifted without having to drill down into the specific plan or deliverables.VOGSY task creationCommenting on the launch of the new task management features, Van Leeuwen said, “VOGSY added this feature because of the huge disconnect between typical task management tools and how companies set up and structure their projects. Typically, companies plan out invoicing, resources and services to deliver in one platform, then they work through the execution in different apps, and these two sources of information typically never come together.” 

“This disconnect is costing them money. Combining planning, delivery and execution in one solution provides granular insights, enabling real, actionable insights for successful and profitable projects.” 

According to a study by SPI, PSA solutions are worth their investment. In a 2018 report, the researchers found that firms using PSA enjoyed a year-on-year change in growth 74% larger than firms without a PSA. In addition, companies using a PSA saw new client intake stand 40% higher than their peers – a key performance indicator for growth.