Macedonian influencer Lili Mitrovic starts social media consultancy

21 January 2020 3 min. read

A model from Macedonia has left Europe to chase her dreams in New York. Having spent the best part of a decade working in fashion, Lili Mitrovic has launched her own social media consultancy Stateside, with the aim of helping new brands reach their ideal audiences.

In the age of digitalisation, entrepreneurs need a solid game-plan if they are to be heard amid the continuous stream of instantaneous digital content on the internet and social media. Amid this diverse and noisy environment, even long-time advertising market leaders are struggling to adapt, but that is not to say that there are not rich spoils to be won if firms can master social media marketing.

The potential of this new market is perhaps best illustrated by the runaway hit of ITV’s Love Island franchise, which leverages a web of apps, interactive content and social media presences to create what is ultimately an immersive retail experience – deploying its Instagram-savvy cast to model its merchandise to impressionable viewers in real-time. The show and its partners have enjoyed massive financial success on the back of this approach, making it clear that the impact of influencers cannot be ignored by traditional marketers.

Macedonian influencer Lili Mitrovic starts social media consultancyHoping to help brands get the most out of their digital marketing strategies, life-long fashionista Lili Mitrovic has decided to set up shop as a consultant in New York. The Macedonian model has first-hand experience of what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur on social media – having established bridal and evening gowns brand Amo Lusso in 2011.

Since the initial success of the brand, Mitrovic – who is a graduate in Fashion Design at the prestigious Academia Del Lusso in Milan – has been acknowledged as one of the most influential bloggers in the world, and been recognised by the ‘40 under 40 Macedonians’ awards distributed by the society for United Macedonian Diaspora. She currently boasts 800k followers on her Instagram handle @lili_mitrovic, and has also managed to juggle her growing work commitments with the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

Now, Mitrovic has decided that the time is right for a new challenge. Based in New York, she has launched a social media consultancy, which will look to assist brands with breaking through in terms of their digital presence – accruing followers and potential customers in the process. The agency will also operate under her Amo Lusso label.

Speaking about her latest venture, Mitrovic said, “Working as a social influencer and blogger was extremely fulfilling, but I wanted to take things to the next level and truly help brands make a difference. That’s when I knew it was time to take the leap of faith and focus on social media consultancy for brands… I cannot believe I’m living in New York! This city is everything I have imagined and much more! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work and create content in this concrete jungle where dreams are made of. I feel so empowered.”