R&G offers free consultations to corona-hit businesses

27 March 2020 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read

Many companies and organisations are currently struggling with the impacts of the coronavirus. For those in need of external expertise, R&G Global Consultants has launched a free consultancy webinar service.

Corporations value good supply chain management because it can enhance the efficiency of the process which connects customers with products. By effectively streamlining a supply chain’s plants, warehouses, and transportation vehicles, companies can directly increase cash-flow, because the delivery of a product is in a timely manner.

In the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that companies can massively improve their supply chain efforts via digitalisation. Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, the problems of having failed to do so have already been laid bare. 

Sectors like food & beverage are struggling to meet spikes in demand for essential products, while firms across the board have been heavily impacted by reduced shipments from China. At the same time, with an economic retraction now on the cards, many firms are left with inefficient and costly supply chains, at a time when they will need to save as much money as possible.

R&G offers free consultations to corona-hit businesses

In order to help reduce the impact of the current crisis, supply chain advisory firm R&G Global Consultants has launched a free consulting offering. The new digital consultation service will take place by video-calls, helping clients as they look to safeguard their business, or simply keep operations running.

A release from the firm stated, “The global Covid-19 crisis is having an enormous impact on supply chains and operations globally. At R&G, we want to play our part in helping the world through this troubled period. We are therefore offering free consultations to all companies who are experiencing dramatic changes in demand, supply and availability of personnel, whether they an existing R&G client or not.”

Founded in 2004, R&G operates internationally with offices in 14 countries and a network of associated consultants in more countries. The firm has completed more than 1,000 programmes and projects at 200+ major companies since inception, and according to its statement, by using video-calls and further online analysis, it can quickly advise its clients on how to tighten their supply chain to cope with Covid-19.

While it works across the supply chain and operations landscape, R&G’s sweet-spot lies in supply chain strategy, productivity, working capital management, digital transformation and programme delivery.

On top of this, the firm’s consultants are certified in leading operational excellence methodologies such as agile, lean, six sigma and kaizen. “Our experts are on standby to support, advise, analyse, mentor, coach and guide you through,” the firm added.

Applying for the free consultancy offering can be done on the website of R&G.

A win-win

R&G’s move resembles a commonly applied strategy among consulting firms at a time when the famously international industry has had its wings clipped. Without leaving home, it means R&G can build a client base at a time when clients are scaling back the hiring of consultants. These companies are still in great need of expertise, however, so in the long run offering this valuable service for free could lead to longer collaborations when the pandemic dies down.

R&G however states that “doing something good for society in times of hardship” is its key motivation.