Riverflex launches collaboration platform for member consultants

27 May 2020 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read
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Riverflex, a network for independent consultants, has launched a new platform that helps its members connect, find and share opportunities, as well as to build their business by enabling them to earn more than their day rate.

Riverflex’s platform contains a curated set of independent consultants who work in the digital consulting space. Since its inception in 2018, the network has grown to more than 450 members, working with more than fifteen global, well-known corporate clients – among others Ahold Delhaize, Google, Samsung and Unilever – in mainly the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain.

The firm’s new peer-to-peer networking platform is aimed at helping its members with business development – one of the key challenges of independent consultants. Unlike traditional consulting, independents typically lack the resources and the support of a team that comes with working for a consulting firm. 

“Our digital platform provides a digital way for our consultants to share knowledge to grow their own projects and businesses” said André Azadehdel, co-founder of Riverflex. 

Riverflex collaboration platform

The platform also has a referral-based functionality, with members incentivised to bring new opportunities or talent to the network which will ultimately “benefit all its members”, said Azadehdel, helping them grow by opening up more possibilities for collaboration and work. 

Another unique benefit that consultants get is the ability the platform gives to earn beyond the limits of their day-rate. Riverflex tools and talent can be accessed through the platform enabling consultants to build their own businesses on top of Riverflex's infrastructure. 

Commenting on the launch, co-founder Victor Hoong remarked, “Other consulting models tend to keep independents a bit more separated from one another. I think one of our differences is that we're really connecting all of the independents that come into our community and enabling opportunities to be shared in that group.” 

“There's work that's out there that needs to be done, and we need to find talent that is available to do it. We think making this match should be as frictionless as possible, and in our community platform, we're trying to enable that.” 

In the coming months, Riverflex plans to introduce more features and functionality on the digital platform.