Ryan Davis co-leads Luxembourg practice of Avantage Reply

25 May 2020 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read
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Avantage Reply has hired Ryan Davis as an Associate Partner to co-lead its division in Luxembourg. 

Since founding in 2004, Avantage Reply has grown into a Western European consulting firm with over 300 professionals across offices in London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan and Luxembourg. The consultancy is a specialist player, focused on risk, compliance, finance, regulatory, treasury and operations within the financial services industry. 

After spending eleven years at PwC, Ryan Davis has joined Avantage Reply in its Luxembourg office. The firm’s local office is focused on serving banking clients both within Luxembourg and internationally, mainly on topics related to risk and regulation. Ryan Davis co-leads Luxembourg practice of Avantage ReplyLuxembourg is one of Europe’s leading banking hubs, with the sector accounting for 11% of employment and roughly one third of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The state leans heavily on foreign banks though – one third of the 136 banks registered in the country come from outside the European Union, meaning it has the highest banking internationalisation rate in Europe.

Davis brings over a decade of consulting experience in banking to Avantage Reply, having worked with some of the biggest banking institutions across a wide range of areas, including prudential regulation, financial and regulatory reporting, non-financial risks and risk-based performance management.

During his tenure at PwC, Davis – a chartered accountant and certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) – worked from PwC’s offices in Sydney, London, Frankfurt and Luxembourg. “I feel proud to have joined such an amazing organisation. Thanks to Avantage Reply for giving me such a fantastic opportunity,” said Davis on his new challenge.

Avantage Reply was founded in the United Kingdom by four founders, two Belgians (Gerald Ancia and Frederic Gielen) and two New Zealanders (Marty Clark and Andrew Nord) – then as Avantage. The firm added ‘Reply’ to its brand after it joined Italy’s Reply Group in 2011.