Software and data consultancy firm TX launches in Finland

18 June 2020 2 min. read
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A new IT advisory and software development consultancy has launched in Finland: TX.

The Helsinki-based company was established last year by the merger between Sujuwa and Data in Chains, and has now taken its new branding out in the open with the launch of a media and social offensive. 

The firm’s roots trace back to 2007, when Michael Malka – now the CTO of TX – founded the software development company Sujuwa. After initially serving clients in Finland in early years, the firm gradually added an international client base to its roster.

One of the key focus areas of Sujuwa was building solutions on the Streamr platform, which enables data exchange on a decentralised P2P network. Built on the well-known principles of blockchain technology and open source, Streamr empowers consumers and companies to take control of their own data (as opposed to Big Techs monetising such data) through a decentralised peer-to-peer network controlled by no one and incentivised by the DATAcoin token.

Software and data consultancy firm TX launches in Finland

In its work for Streamr clients, Sujuwa came across Data in Chains, another boutique Helsinki-based software development company specialised in blockchain based solutions. Building on their complementary offerings and cultures, TX – which stands for Tomorrow Explored – was born. 

TX specialises in engineering data solutions centred around the concepts of blockchain, decentralisation and data ecosystems, and works with Fortune 500 corporates, Finnish companies in the telecom, media, infrastructure and recreational sectors, as well as startups and non-profits. 

“TX focuses on leveraging the Streamr open-source software, which enables data to be securely owned, efficiently shared and fairly monetised. We also help clients find innovative solutions using cloud and industry-specific technologies tailored to their requirements,” explained Malka. 

Jarmo Suoranta (CEO) and Ben Sheppard (Managing Director), board members of the 20-strong consultancy, added: “TX essentially helps companies to engineer value from their data, their customer’s data and their suppliers. We create technology solutions that help companies create new business models in a GDPR compliant way. We do this using the Streamr technology stack, which enables data producers to sell their data in a way that everyone profits from it.” 

One of its flagship clients is the World Wide Fund for Nature. Together with the non-profit, in a project backed by UnionBank of the Philippines, TX built a blockchain enabled technology solution that incentivise fishers to record their catch data and earning capacity digitally. This is improve traceability, which in turn is providing seasonal financial support to fishing communities and stimulating sustainable fishing.