BOLD partners with data science platform KNIME

03 July 2020 2 min. read

Dutch management consulting firm BOLD has joined the partner ecosystem of KNIME.

KNIME is a Switzerland-based company that provides a software platform for data science. The firm’s KNIME Analytics Platform is an open source platform that data scientists use for ploughing through and analysing large amounts of data.

Since launching in 2008, the use of KNIME’s Analytics Platform has grown in popularity, amid a thriving environment for data science and growing awareness that data-driven working can provide a strategic edge. Today, a community in over 60 countries is using the platform as a means of unlocking value – or even ground-breaking – insights.

How can KNIME Software help you?

Among the most cited success stories of KNIME are Z5 Inventory using the platform to identify and prevent millions in dollars worth of medical supply waste, helping players in the automotive industry trim their inventory management costs through enhanced transparency, and supporting energy companies with better energy usage predictions – benefitting not just their financials, but also the environment.

“Our open source data mining and processing platform helps companies with discovering hidden data, mining for fresh insights, or predicting new futures. With the KNIME platform and its tools, organisations can take their collaboration, productivity and performance to the next level,” stated Michael Berthold, the founder and president of KNIME, on the firm’s website.

BOLD joins a growing list of partners that have embraced KNIME, including consultancies such as Altran, Atos, CGI, ABeam, FTI Consulting and Reply Avantage. “We are proud to announce this alliance. It is part of our ambition to provide our clients with the best data-science tools available,” said Stephanie Wagenaar, a senior manager at BOLD.

She continued, “What makes KNIME a great match for BOLD is its high-quality text mining and processing features, such as topic detection, sentiment analysis, classification, clustering and many more. These text mining techniques can be applied in our unstructured data analytics, such as text or social media analytics, uncovering even more valuable hidden insights.”