Finext and The Resource blend their minds to launch Taxvibes

07 July 2020 3 min. read

Two professional services firms in the Netherlands – Finext and The Resource – have teamed up to launch Taxvibes, a company specialised in the automation of tax processes.

According to the founding companies, organisations of all sizes can benefit from the introduction of automation in their tax processes. Similar to other business functions, automation is capable of reducing the amount of repetitive manual activities, in turn providing tax professionals with more time and focus to work on value-adding activities.

Meanwhile, digitisation can at the same time improve the quality and reliability of tax processes, including tax accounting, tax compliance and tax reporting. Having been active in the field for years, “we strongly believe in automating the tax processes,” said Patrick van Gerven from The Resource and Martijn Meuling from Finext, both co-founders of the newly launched Taxvibes. 

Taxvibes specialises in helping companies with four major tax matters. First, garnering insight in the business case for tax automation through strategic consultancy services. The ley question being addressed: What benefits will tax digitisation bring? Second, for companies eyeing onboarding a tax tool, Taxvibes helps with the vendor and tool selection process. 

Finext and The Resource blend their minds to launch Taxvibes

“A growing number of software solutions are becoming available to automate tax processes. These solutions range from specific tax tools to spreadsheet platforms and performance management solutions,” said Meuling. “We provide an expert view on tooling and make sure the right considerations are explored and answered.”

The firm’s approach is grounded on a tailored approach, added Frank Imming from The Resource, because “the best tool is always dependent on an organisation’s unique situation.” Taxvibes is independent of any software vendor, “therefore we can give organisations truly objective advice.” 

Bringing an end-to-end service, Taxvibes supports with the implementation process, bringing a bag of technology and organisational experience to the table. The Resource is a boutique fiscal and tax consultancy dedicated to taxation with a track record of twenty years in the field, while Finext is one of the Netherlands’ larger specialised finance consultancies with a headcount of around 150 consultants and staff. 

Their implementation capacity is backed by deep knowledge of commonly used systems, including those of OneStream, Tagetik and Anaplan, Vena, SAP, Oracle, CCH Tagetik, Board and Lomgview. 

For client seeking performance improvement, Taxvibes offers consultancy services. The firm brings a multifaceted approach to its clients, blending tax, finance and IT capabilities into its proposition. “Increasingly, we are seeing that organisations are integrating their tax processes into their existing finance solution. Meaning that an integrated view is key,” said Meuling. 

Asked why the firm adopted its current brand, Van Gerven disclosed, “Using technology, tax reporting becomes easier, more reliable, and more pleasant. That’s what we call good vibes in tax.”