Dutch ATM specialist agrees global partnership with Deloitte

07 August 2020 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

TMD Security, a company that enables optimisation of ATM operations costs, has agreed a partnership with professional services giant Deloitte. 

Founded in 2004, ATM Security provides hardware, technologies and software solutions to banks and ATM deployers to help them run and secure their automated teller machines (ATM) – machines that enable customers to among others withdrawal and deposit cash. Globally, there are roughly 3 million ATMs in use, or approximately 1 ATM per 3,000 people in the world.

According to Cees Heuker of Hoek, CEO and founder of TMD Security, the firm’s proprietary approach can help save banks up to $10,000 per ATM per year. The founder bases his claim on the firm’s client base in the Benelux, where the company is helping banks with among others enhanced card fraud defences (against skimming for instance), better protection against physical attacks (to counter explosive or gas attacks) and cyber threats including malware attacks.

“TMD Security is in a unique position to deliver proven and certified security hardware combined with intelligent software,” said Heuker of Hoek. 

Dutch ATM specialist agrees global partnership with Deloitte

He added that one of the firm’s key differentiators is its innovative access management solution. “TMD ATM and Branch Access Management is a key-less, centrally managed secure access solution for all types of ATMs and door locks which remotely validates the IDs of the pre-authorised user, lock and mobile device and checks the pre-approved schedule in a split second at the time of access. Randomly generated, encrypted One-Time-Codes are sent directly to the lock, with a real-time audit trail.” 

“Our clients to date have discovered that replacing manual processes with our access management solution results in staggering productivity improvements and annual operational cost savings.” 

In a global partnership with Deloitte, one of the globe’s top consultancies, TMD Security now aims at accelerating the growth of its services. Together, the two companies will help banks and ATM deployers gain insight in the annual operational cost savings and benefits from replacing their existing way of working (mostly using physical keys and manual processes) with a key-less ATM and Branch Access Management solution. 

Cees Heuker of Hoek: “We are proud to announce this relationship with Deloitte. A custom business case gives valuable insight into an ATM deployer’s specific cost savings and business benefits potential, depending on their ATM network and current access processes.”

Since striking the deal, Deloitte has tapped its huge network in the financial services industry to organise ten client engagements in EMEA, APAC and the Americas. Going forward, the partners expect to start working on joint delivery engagements – “reducing ATM operational costs has never been more critical and easy than it is today,” concluded Heuker of Hoek.