Sopra Steria commits to net zero emissions by 2028

18 September 2020 3 min. read
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Building on years of effective decarbonisation efforts, consulting and digital services firm Sopra Steria has pledged to reach ‘net zero’ emissions by 2028.

Net zero – a scenario where businesses generate no carbon emissions – is the goal for 2050 across the global business environment. Through a combination of initiatives, Sopra Steria is looking to reach this target 22 years early. Having committed to decarbonisation nearly a decade ago, with tangible results booked since, the firm is convinced it has what it takes to achieve the ambitious target.

By 2014, Sopra Steria was carbon neutral – emissions from one part of the business were being offset by cutting emissions in other parts. Despite expanding its operations, the firm has managed to cut emissions from its offices and data centres by more than 60% since 2015. As of last year, 90% of the firm’s power is renewably sourced, while emissions per employee have been cut by nearly a third over the last half a decade.

Widely recognised for its efforts, the group is now looking to become a pioneer in the net zero emissions landscape, building on three strategies. One, the commitment to carbon neutrality will remain in place. Secondly, all technology selected for the group itself and its clients will be screened for sustainability. This extends to “applying eco-design principles to solution development, and assessing the value of new services against their environmental costs,” according to a statement by the firm.

Sopra Steria net zero by 2028

The third pillar of the Paris-listed $4 billion revenue company is to leverage its own tech expertise to develop innovative solutions that in themselves can cut emissions. Combined with its existing commitment to decarbonise operations, these efforts should put the firm on track for its new ambition.

Notably, Sopra Steria’s new commitment puts it ahead of other competitors in the digital services and consulting space. Another global leader in the digital services landscape, Capgemini, announced in July that it would be carbon neutral within the next five years, while its net zero deadline is set for 2030.

In the strategy consulting segment of the industry, Bain & Company reached carbon neutrality in 2018, while Boston Consulting Group has pledged to spend $400 million to make its operations net zero by 2030.

Sopra Steria’s 2028 goal puts it right where it wants to be – leading the sustainability drive. “Action for the climate and the environment has been at the heart of the Sopra Steria’s strategy for many years. Our ability to anticipate and implement innovative initiatives ahead of the requirement has made us a corporate leader in the fight against climate change,” stated the CEO of Sopra Steria Vincent Paris.

For him, the current global circumstances have only intensified the need for an ethical perspective to business. Covid-19 has thrown many things off track, including efforts towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sopra Steria has reportedly been among those pushing corporates and regulators to keep these efforts in line.

“As a responsible company, and even more in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, we must go further by mobilising all of our stakeholders in building a sustainable world,” said Paris.