The 25 consulting firms that help companies become a B Corp

02 October 2020 2 min. read

B Lab, the global community behind the B Corps movement, has certified a select group of 25 consulting firms across Europe for their market leading capability to help organisations transform into a true B Corp. 

Globally, there are over 3,500 certified B Corporations (B Corps) in over 70 countries. B Corps are companies and organisations that put people, planet and society ahead of – or at least on par with – profit. B Corps that carry the title meet high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Together with government and non-profits, B Corps take a front running role in accelerating the global ambition of building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They live and breathe the foundational principles of the B Corp movement, and integrate the fundamentals of broader stakeholder impact into their purpose, vision, strategy, and all the way through to operations.

While interest in adopting B Corp principles is huge – doing good for society and the environment is no longer just a hygiene factor, but nowadays also a key differentiator for consumers and investors – many companies struggle with delivering the needed change. That is because building a B Corp culture requires much more than ‘ticking the boxes’, including nurturing a ‘social first culture’ across organisational ranks and embedding all aspects of the SDGs in operations and mindset. 

B Corp Way consulting firms

This is where B Lab’s new ‘B Corp Way’ comes in. This community comprises certified B Corp consulting firms that are considered top of the bill when it comes to understanding what a B Corp is, and what is needed to help others follow suit. 

“Designed primarily to meet the needs of large and multinational companies seeking to progress their journey of impact improvement, B Corp Way consultants can provide tailored advisory and execution support, grounded in the B Corp methodology,” said Nathan Gilbert, Executive Director at B Lab Europe.

An overview of firms certified as B Corp Way consultants:

Agence Déclic (France)
FocusLab (Italy)
Sofies (Switzerland)
The Terrace (Netherlands)
Toovalu (France)
UrbanVolt (Ireland)
Bartle (France)
BetterFuture (Netherlands)
BetterGreen (Denmark)
BIKOnsulting (Spain)
Endeva (Germany)
Generos (Denmark)
Goodpoint (Italy)
Haatch (France)
Imagin/able (France)
Impact Advisors Group (Luxembourg)
InventoLab (Italy)
Kirkman Company (Netherlands)
Mark (Denmark)
MAS Business (Spain)
Nativa (Italy)
NOW Partners (United States / Europe)
Roots for Sustainability (Spain)
The Change Collective (Netherlands)
Utopies (France)