KPMG inks partnership with supply chain platform ChainPoint

23 October 2020 2 min. read

Professional services firm KPMG has inked a partnership with ChainPoint, a Dutch provider of supply chain software. 

As part of the alliance, KPMG will include the software of ChainPoint in its supply chain offerings. The software helps companies monitor and manage their sustainability footprint across their supply chain – system modules support with among others traceability, audits, supplier assessment, running blockchain-based networks and sustainability reporting.

In recent years, focus on sustainable supply chains has taken off. Companies are being pressured by governments, consumers and employees to comply to ethical, humanitarian and sustainable practices. Organisations that fail to do so often face a reputation backlash, with consumers increasingly willing to dump brands that turn a blind eye to sustainability.

KPMG inks partnership with supply chain platform ChainPoint

Meanwhile, new regulations, such as the Modern Slavery Act, the Conflict Minerals compliance and EU’s ‘Green New Deal’, means that companies to a large extent should be capable of shedding light on the origin and content of their products and services.

As an example, consider IKEA. The Swedish furniture giant needs to guarantee that there is no Amazon hardwood in its products. Or in the case of coffee brand, it needs to prove that the farmers that grow its beans in Ethiopia are getting a ‘fair price’ for their crops. 

This is where the software of ChainPoint comes in. The platform tracks products from start to finish and all steps in the process, providing insight in the end-to-end value chain, including suppliers and sourcing of raw materials. The software also allows integration with organisations that maintain sustainability best practices, such as the Better Cotton Initiative or Rainforest Alliance.

Jerwin Tholen is a partner at KPMG and a leader of the firm’s sustainable supply chain offering. He has first-hand experienced the impact ChainPoint’s technology can make, and is delighted that the two firms are now joining forces.

“ChainPoint offers cloud-based software that can be used to collect and manage data effectively. Long, complex and global supply chains require the integration of different suppliers and different systems. Their platform enables this, is flexible and can link together diverse suppliers. In addition, the software is able to selectively share sensitive and confidential information,” Tholen said.

Johan Zandbergen, CEO of ChainPoint, on the collaboration with the Big Four firm: “Together, we will provide insight into the supply chains of companies, both in terms of social and environmental responsibility. The fit with KPMG’s expertise is perfect.” 

ChainPoint has operations in the Netherlands, Germany and France. The partnership with the accounting and consulting firm will initially focus on clients headquartered in these three European countries.