Danique Wagemaker and Hassaan Zaidi join Riverflex

12 November 2020 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

Independent consultant matchmaker Riverflex has welcomed to new members to its team: Danique Wagemaker and Hassaan Zaidi.

Danique Wagemaker has been appointed as Consulting Director. She brings years of experience in among others consulting to the role. She previously worked at Google and Deloitte Digital, and then went on to launch her own company DigIQ, a company that contracts teams of independent consultants for the retail and consumer industry.

She will now leverage that experience to help Riverflex expand its footprint. Launched in 2018, Riverflex provides clients organisations with independent consultants specialised in digital strategy and transformation, either in an independent capacity or through consulting teams. The firm is active in mainly three markets: the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Danique Wagemaker, Hassaan Zaidi, Riverflex“I’ve joined Riverflex as the Consulting Director because I believe in independent consulting as a worthy career choice for top professionals and want to further establish that career path at the scale that Riverflex can provide. I have also seen what value a network-based organisation can bring to companies, looking at the quality of professionals available in the open talent market, and the diversity of digital skillsets and experience they bring,” said Wagemaker.

“With Riverflex I am hoping to further build and bring the capability to easily find and manage the best independent professionals and teams to more companies, helping them to really get the work done.”

Victor Hoong, who co-founded Riverflex together with fellow Deloitte alumnus André Azadehdel, said: “I’ve known Danique since the very start of her consulting career and she’s amazing. Simply put, she’s one of the best consultants I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with in my 20-year career. We’re thrilled she has joined the team.”

Meanwhile, Hassaan Zaidi has joined Riverflex as its Technology Lead. The software engineer and developer will oversee the further development of Riverflex’s platform, and take the lead for new tech-driven products. “Our purpose is enabled by core technology platforms. The tech lead role is at the heart of making this a reality, and we're looking forward to working with Hassaan,” said Hoong.

Zaidi remarked, “I joined Riverflex because I believe the team has the vision to change the consulting industry. And to help drive this, I look forward to building some great technology as the Technology Lead and to work on improving the Riverflex platform to allow independent consultants build and grow their network, and easily apply to consulting opportunities.”

“As we continue to grow the Riverflex business in terms of clients, projects, consultants and services that we deliver we are continuously investing in both technology and people to achieve the high standards that we hold ourselves accountable for. Hiring Danique and Hassaan will help super-charge the next phase of our journey,” added Azadehdel.