Anderson MacGyver launches digital transformation podcast series

17 February 2021 3 min. read
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Anderson MacGyver has released several podcasts on digital transformation. In the firm’s ‘Limitless’ podcasts, digital leaders and executives of organisations reflect on their (successful) digital transformations, while Anderson MacGyver experts also join the sessions to share their own expertise with listeners.

The popularity of podcasts is increasing rapidly, with recent estimates suggesting almost half of Europeans now listen to a podcast. These shows range from light entertainment to political commentary, to business advise – and Anderson MacGyver is one such firm to start providing such a service.

The digital transformation consulting firm with offices in the Netherlands and Sweden uses its newly launched podcasts to showcase its expertise and inform its clients, and considers the channel as complementary to its more traditional knowledge sharing mediums of blogs, whitepapers and webinars.

Anderson MacGyver launches digital transformation podcast series

An overview of the first three podcasts of Anderson MacGyver’s ‘Limitless’ series:

A blooming business

The most recent episode features guests Michel van Hout, CIO of the Dutch Flower Group, and Martin de Ruiter, Programme Manager at Royal FloraHolland. In discussion with host Jonathan Groubert, co-host and Anderson MacGyver partner Rik Bijmholt, and national speed skating / short track coach Jeroen Otter, they discuss the importance of digitisation to the flower market.

During the broadcast, De Ruiter and Van Hout discuss how they managed to transform the traditional flower market into a modern and digitally driven market. Dominated by Dutch companies, the market is a textbook example of a traditional sector where a lot is at stake, and where the implementation of a digital transformation is challenging. However, digitisation is considered a silver bullet if the right steps are taken.

The future is green

In ‘The future is green’, Ingo Paas, CIO of Swedish railway company Green Cargo, is show’s main guest. He spoke with host Groubert, co-host Patrik Hermansson (Nordics Director at Anderson MacGyver) and national short track coach Jeroen Otter. “The future is both green and digital. Those two go hand in hand. But how do you get there as a company? It's all about asking the right questions. Motivation and inspiration are important drivers of change, both in business and in sports,” said Paas.

Paas added that it “takes courage” to be a leader in digital transformation. During the interview, he explained how Green Cargo is transitioning towards a digital future and at the same time greening its operations.

Talking transformation

In the inaugural edition of the podcast, Wim Beukers, CEO of Allinq, is joined Groubert, Bijmholt and Otter. Together they delved into the world of digitisation. Creating a successful digital transformation in an organisation has many challenges, but according to Beukers, it all starts with ambition and ideas.

To start with, the Allinq CEO explains how he is digitising his company, how this saves money and how this benefits the planet: “Be prepared to renovate your core, be ready for the future and innovate!” Beukers added that “the decisions taken today must be sustainable for years to come. Innovation and digitisation are two sides of the same coin. Both are crucial and only work if the foundation is in order.”