Metyis launches global brand and visual identity

01 March 2021 2 min. read
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International management consulting firm Metyis has launched a new brand and visual identity. The firm outlines the newly adopted brand and what it stands for. 

We are proud to announce Metyis. This represents a key milestone in our long-term strategy to support growth, strengthen the core, and harmonise our operations. Metyis is the zenith of our positioning towards long-term partnerships and our hands-on approach to digital consulting – dynamic and forward-thinking.

With our multidisciplinary teams we create bold strategies and innovative solutions that are tailor made to our client’s needs and help them capitalising opportunities. Together we strive to bring long-lasting impact and celebrate collective victories. Metyis operates across a wide range of industries.


Metyis’ approach to consulting is fresh and vibrant and pioneers customisation allowing to attentively advise and guide clients through a hands-on implementation process. At Metyis we strongly believe in long lasting partnerships. A choice that builds on trust, transparency and pursuing common goals. Built around the fundamental objective to support growth and leveraging shared interests. We are devoted to our partners and help them building specific capacities and capabilities.

Each partnership is unique and carefully crafted according to our partner’s objectives. This can be in form of a specific purpose hub, joint ventures or long-term service agreements. Metyis empowers its partners to seize the opportunities of their businesses. To us a partnership is all about being the right partner and collectively creating impact.


The Metyis brand is built from within, as an integral part of our DNA and global plan. It reflects the responsiveness, energy and vibrance of our teams and the organisation. Metyis is also a platform to experiment, to innovate and to give a voice to everyone unifying creative problem-solving and strategic thinking. 

Despite these challenging times, our people, our ethos, and our vision feel more connected and closer together than ever before. The brand is a testimony of our inter-connectivity – a project led and executed by our global leadership team and our design and communication specialists. 

Metyis is active with fourteen offices globally, in Europe (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Faro, London, Madrid, Munich, Porto and Zurich), the Middle East (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), and Asia (Bangalore, Gurgaon and New Delhi).