PwC buys minority stake in Berlin-based startup Statice

05 March 2021 2 min. read

PwC Germany has picked up a minority stake of just under 50% in Statice – a Berlin-based startup that enables the mining and analysis of personal data within GDPR guidelines.

Statice uses artificial intelligence to anonymise sensitive personal data – allowing businesses to craft insights without violating data privacy regulations. “We have recognised the challenges companies face when dealing with their data and are constantly designing new strategies and tools for this purpose,” noted PwC chairman Ulrich Störk.

“Thanks to the technology and methodology for data anonymisation that we will be able to provide in the future through our participation in Statice, companies will be able to mine their data treasures in a GDPR-compliant manner.”

PwC buys minority stake in Berlin-based startup Statice

Launched in 2018 by entrepreneurs Sebastian Brent Weyer, Omar Ali Fdal and Mikhail Dyakov, Statice is a product of German business incubator Wattx. Weyer and Dyakov both previously worked at Wattx – the former as venture development manager and the latter as VP of engineering. Fdal is a former data-mining expert at Amadeus and co-founder of ride sharing app Hupp.

In two years since launching, Statice has ridden on its much-coveted value proposition to gain significant attention. The firm was recognised among the top startups in Europe at the ‘EU Startups Summit’ in 2018, and raised seven figures – the exact sum remains undisclosed – in a funding round led by Capnamiac Ventures in 2019.

The next step now is to scale up across grographies and industries, and Fdal positions the PwC deal as a vital ticket to that objective. “This investment enables us to accelerate the development and distribution of our offerings in the finance, insurance and healthcare industries.”

Statice’s existing clients will enjoy a bolstered range of expertise, while PwC’s global scale will help the startup access new clientele. For PwC, the deal presents a gateway into the data economy – positioned by many as a cornerstone of the future business environment.

“PwC Germany ensures data security and data sovereignty with the Statice applications. This is becoming increasingly important both for end users and for the business success of companies and is essential for trust in the digital transformation,” concluded Störk.