Ramboll Management Consulting opens office in Düsseldorf, Germany

12 March 2018 Consultancy.eu 4 min. read
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As part of its organic growth strategy, and to bolster its regional presence in the business-rich North Rhine-Westphalia region, Ramboll’s consulting arm has opened an office in Düsseldorf. The new hub for Ramboll Management Consulting will allow the firm to better serve its local customers, train regional talent, as well as provide regional staff with a more permanent footprint in close proximity to clients.

Engineering and sustainability consultancy Ramboll has elected to expand its global operation further, as part of its wider Winning Together plan, with an office in Düsseldorf, North Rhein-Westphalia. This is the tenth office in Germany – the Denmark headquartered firm has 300 offices in 35 countries, following its initial move into the Germany in 2000 before opening nine more across major regional cities and centres*.

The rationale for the move is to offer its Ramboll Management Consulting services in closer proximity to some of the country’s largest companies, with 37 of the country's top 100 corporations located in North Rhine-Westphalia – while also being host to a breadth of services to mid-sized companies and SMEs, among others, reflecting the region’s importance in the country and wider Europe. The importance of the region already saw the consulting firm operate with a team of Environment & Health consultants from Düsseldorf.

Ramboll Management Consulting opens office in Düsseldorf, Germany

Commenting on the milestone, Markus Diederich, Managing Director at Ramboll Management Consulting, said, “Although consulting is a global business, the proximity to clients cannot be underestimated. Following the footsteps of colleagues, we are able to better serve clients all over the Ruhr-district and further south from our enhanced presence in Düsseldorf.”

Diederich added that the firm has in recent years leveraged inorganic expansion in the region through the addition of companies and their expertise, but “we want to supplement this with organic growth – either in our current locations or by forming teams in the location where Ramboll is already present and where we see a market potential. This is surely the case with Düsseldorf and the North Rhein-Westphalia.”

North Rhein-Westphalia is one of Germany’s powerhouse regions for consultants, who are more broadly seeing a boom in demand for their services in the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region. According to data from the German association of management consulting firms, the market is set to grow by nearly double digits in 2018, with the DACH regional consulting market holding around a 15% market share of the global consulting market – Germany itself is the largest player at around 85% of the region’s share.

Ramboll Management Consulting also sees beneficial opportunities to add new talent to the firm’s ranks – the region houses more than 18 million people, 500,000 of whom are students. By creating a more permanent base, additional capacity to train and develop key talent from the region becomes available.

Dirk Müller, a Business Manager in Strategy & Operations at the consultancy, remarked; “In the consulting industry, our ability to serve clients is one to one with our ability to attract and retain the right people. We are a people business. Therefore, I am exited about our expansion into a part of the country where talents in great numbers are looking for companies that can nurture their learning process and help them grow their career. They can do that with us and we hope to expand the team shortly.”

Other management consulting firms based in Düsseldorf include McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and goetzpartners.

* Ramboll's offices in Germany are based in Hamburg, Berlin, Essen, Munich, Frankfurt, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Gelsenkirchen, and Überlingen.