How Webs helped Mollie professionalise its HubSpot

21 July 2021 3 min. read

Specialist consultancy firm Webs has helped Amsterdam-based digital payments firm Mollie optimise its entire sales operation and boost productivity – by revamping its use of customer relationship management (CRM) tool HubSpot.

With flexible payments technology that supports online payments, transfers and card transactions across Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Apple Pay – and several others – Mollie has amassed more than 100,000 customers across Europe since launching in 2004. Clients are served through a 300-strong team spread across five European offices. 

Customer service, sales and marketing are everything for modern financial services firms, and Mollie digitalised these functions in 2017 with the help of HubSpot – a CRM platform that streamlines most customer-facing processes to enable efficiency-backed growth. Three years in, the company was having trouble upscaling HubSpot to match its rate of expansion.

Mollie is professionalising its sales & marketing with HubSpot

As explained by Mollie’s head of growth Hoang Pham, data was fragmented across a host of platforms – putting too much pressure on HubSpot. “Jumping between the different points where our data lived became cumbersome and slowed down our sales team.”

“We only did some admin work in HubSpot. That’s when we realised HubSpot wasn’t being used optimally by our sales teams and we weren’t fully committing to HubSpot.” Having solicited advice from HubSpot on how to optimise, Mollie was put in touch with Webs – a HubSpot-specialised consulting partner also based in the Netherlands.

Webs is one of HubSpot’s top ranked certified partners in the Benelux, helping businesses across the region make the most of their CRM usage. More than 20 years of consulting and hands on technology experience came in handy with the Mollie project. 

Implementation specifics

In supporting Mollie, Webs began with a full data clean-up: sifting through processes to find valuable, current data and eliminate obsolete waste. With streamlined data and a clear idea of the status quo, the consulting firm charted the ideal ‘process blueprint’ for Mollie’s HubSpot usage – how best to manage data and CRM across website visitors, prospective customers, actual customers, and partners/promoters.

“The blueprint was a big eye-opener for me. It helped me understand how the CRM platform is related to our Sales Hub and Marketing Hub process,” said Hoang. And this understanding was transferred to the entire Mollie sales team: Webs ran training workshops that explained HubSpot fundamentals – to manage both the current transformation and future scale-up efforts.

Last step was to give the Mollie team a visual overview – a unified dashboard to track the performance of all sales, marketing and business development functions. According to Hoang, Mollie is left with a “healthy HubSpot CRM,” which matches business objectives, enables better forecasting, and has boosted productivity and efficiency across customer-facing segments.

And Hoang feels empowered too. “Before working with Webs, I was always just patching up our HubSpot CRM if an issue occurred. Now I know how to come up with a long term solution instead of a quick fix,” he concluded.