EFESO Consulting supports Axel Tréhin and Project Rescue Ocean

06 August 2021 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

EFESO Consulting is now on board a joint venture between Project Rescue Ocean and renowned sailor Axel Tréhin – as they use competitive boat racing as a platform to raise awareness around ocean conservation.

Project Rescue Ocean is a global movement founded as a Facebook page and now housed across Instagram, Twitter and Youtube as well. The NGO aims to preserve the world’s marine resources via a three-pronged strategy – collect pollution from coasts, beaches, rivers and other areas; raise awareness on ocean conservation; and cultivate eco-friendly practices. 

In January, the NGO teamed up with French Offshore Racing Champion Axel Tréhin to launch a competitive 40-foot racing boat branded with Project Rescue Ocean colours – to be raced at top events such as Transat Jacques Vabre and Route du Rhum, among others, to raise awareness. The boat won the Normandy Channel Race in May, and has now won a new partner – EFESO Consulting. 

EFESO Consulting supports Axel Tréhin and Project Rescue Ocean

“We are delighted and proud to take part in this human, sporting and environmental adventure,” said EFESO Group co-CEOs Luca Lecchi and Bruno Machiels. 

“Project Rescue Ocean led by the skipper Axel contributes to this necessary and urgent awakening of the protection of our natural resources, and in particular our oceans. It's everyone's business! We must be united and committed, individually and collectively,” they added. 

The collaboration aligns with EFESO’s own Sustainability Inside programme – designed to cultivate a culture of environmental friendliness during the consultancy’s work with its clients – taking them beyond superficial greenwashing techniques to real social responsibility. 

“It is this state of mind that we promote within EFESO Consulting and with our clients in order to build, together, an eco-responsible industrial future. It is necessary to enrich our thinking on these environmental issues and to take concrete action on our way of working,” said Lecchi and Machiels.

Sailor and skipper of the boat Axel Tréhin lauded EFESO’s participation in “this common adventure,” hoping for an “exciting and meaningful” outcome.