Meet digital strategy consulting at SparkOptimus' next Inhouseday

03 September 2021 2 min. read

On Friday September 24th, SparkOptimus is organising the next edition of its Inhouseday in its Amsterdam office – an action-packed day that introduces master students to the world of digital strategy consulting. 

With over 100 consultants working across offices in Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Zürich, SparkOptimus is an international consulting firm that specialises in the strategic aspects of digital transformation. The firm works with executives and managers on helping them capture technology-enabled growth opportunities, transform the ways they serve their customers, and drive organisational change. 

To meet growing demand for its services, the consultancy is on the lookout for fresh talent, with the September Inhouseday aimed at informing and enthusing next-generation talent. Opening up its Amsterdam office to ambitious master students, SparkOptimus’ Inhouseday will serve participants a variety of presentations, interactive sessions and cases – all aimed at helping participants shaping their thoughts on a career in consulting. 

Meet digital strategy consulting at SparkOptimus' next Inhouseday

Claire Broeders, a former Inhouseday participant and now a ‘Sparkie’ (as the firm calls its people), said: “The inhouse day gave me clarity on what it is like to work in strategy consulting and digital transformation. The combination of trainings, a case, and the informal talks with Sparkies over lunch & drinks offered me a great view on what a day of a consultant could look like.” 

The coming Inhouseday edition will see SparkOptimus colleagues kick off with demystifing the ins and outs of digital disruption, honing on a number of well-known real-life examples to colour its story. After this ‘mini academy’, participants will be provided a training on agile working (one of the largest hypes in business at the moment) and be asked to put their skills into practice during a client case. 

Alongside “the business side of things,” as Broeders puts it, the Inhouseday gives participants a glimpse of the informal culture at SparkOptimus. “The discussion with consultants was particularly useful, and helped me understand the DNA of the firm and how Sparkies combined ‘work hard’ with fun and a close-knit culture.” 

Participants could well leave the day with a career-changing present: an invitation for a first round interview, and potentially see them follow in the footsteps of Broeders. “The event convinced me to put SparkOptimus at the top of my list…. a great decision, as I’ve now been with the firm for over two years with great joy.”