Factorr launches MuseumON: an immersive cultural experience

15 September 2021 Consultancy.eu 2 min. read

Dutch experience consultancy Factorr has launched MuseumON, an international platform that makes art, culture, and science accessible to a wider audience.

“At a time when many art, culture, and science locations have been hit by the global pandemic, there is a need to provide value-added activities to use space actively and reconnect with customers and visitors. One innovative model is the delivery of non-ticketed attractions or exhibits to deliver experiential services to reconnect with customers and visitors,” explained Arnold van de Water, a partner at Factorr.

This is where MuseumON comes in. MuseumON provides locations with a full, turnkey service, aimed at helping locations design, deliver, and manage immersive interactive installations. “The platform allows to deliver thought-provoking cultural encounters suitable for all ages, attracting families, young visitors, and adults”, said Van de Water.

Factorr launches MuseumON: an immersive cultural experience

The innovative technology can be used for temporary or permanent exhibitions across multiple formats and sizes, said the Factorr partner, and across different types of locations.

Van de Water: “There is an urgent need for the cultural sector to engage with new audiences. Only a small percentage of people consider themselves frequent visitors to museums. To make art, science, and culture more accessible to a wider demographic, MuseumON taps into the need to provide ‘wow’ experiences, carefully curating content and engaging people with educational topics and creating Instagrammable moments to share.”

“Imagine filling vacant areas with an eye-catching pop-up exhibition about artificial intelligence, or enhancing already used spaces with an installation about the Dutch Masters [the term coined for the iconic Dutch painters of Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Pieter Bruegel, Hieronymus Bosch, and Vincent van Gogh].”

Leveraring Factorr’s experience and track-record of working with institutions cross-sector, the concept can also be applied to non-cultural hubs such as public spaces, airports, shopping malls, and hospitals. “MuseumON can enrich destinations of all sorts that are seeking added value activities in an era where many retail activities have moved online.”