Viktorija Karaliute kicks-off her career at Mount Consulting

24 September 2021 2 min. read

At the start of this month Mount Consulting welcomed a new junior consultant to its team: Viktorija Karaliute. To find out more about the firm’s latest hire, we asked Viktorija five questions about her background, motivation for consulting and what drew her to the financial services boutique.

Viktorija, can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m originally from Lithuania, and relocated to the Netherlands to pursue higher education. I undertook a master’s degree in Economics at Tilburg University and gained working experience as a Policy Research Officer and Sustainability Intern. Through these activities, I acquired skills in data design and statistical analysis, sustainability reporting and implementation. 

You’re opting to start your career in consulting. What draws you to the industry?

What attracts me most to management consulting is the fast-paced environment, and the wide range of opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Viktorija Karaliute kicks-off her career at Mount Consulting

So what motivated your choice for Mount Consulting?

Joining Mount Consulting felt like a natural next step for my career. I preferred the firm above others for its unique field of expertise within the financial services industry, focused on advising clients in the area of modern strategic transformations 

Mount Consulting is a specialist in risk management [one of the partners, Joost Jan Noordegraaf, has a strong background in risk and risk reporting] and this enables to me further develop my interest in the domain.

How has the first month been in terms of onboarding and first types of activities?

The onboarding was smooth due to great planning and personal attention from senior colleagues. The shared office space and daily trainings allowed for plenty of room for questions and feedback moments. Additionally, my ‘mentor’ Arjan Bom introduced me to relevant regulations and compliance requirements and provided support during my first weeks. 

Next month, I will participate in a 2-day consulting core skills training – which I’m much looking forward to!

How does the culture within Mount Consulting fit with your own views?

The culture at Mount Consulting is very friendly and supportive. Weekly get-togethers with colleagues ensure a comfortable working environment and a personal connection with colleagues. This approach to working matches my personal views since I believe that a sociable culture is beneficial for professional development.