Why Jelena left ‘the world’s most beautiful country’ for Mount Consulting

07 February 2022 Consultancy.eu 4 min. read

2022 kicked off with major change for Jelena Martinovic. Not only did she switch career from finance to consulting, she at the same time relocated from her native Montenegro (“the world’s most beautiful country”) to the Netherlands, where she has joined Mount Consulting as a Senior Consultant.

Congrats on the big move: a new career direction and a new job in a new country. What motivated all this change?
I was moved by the desire for new knowledge and experiences. Once I realised, during previous business engagements, that I thrive on learning and gathering new experiences, I knew I needed to expand my horizon.

In my eyes, Montenegro is the most beautiful country in the world, but I decided to continue my growth and development with this exciting adventure in the Netherlands.

Jelena Martinovic, Senior Consultant, Mount Consulting

Mount Consulting is a boutique financial services consultancy. Following a decade in industry, what draws you to the world of consulting?
In Montenegro, we have a saying that is often misinterpreted in other cultures as a curse: “May you climb the mountain all your life and never reach the top”. But notably, it is a noble wish – as there is nowhere else to go from the top, you can only go down. After climbing the highest Montenegrin mountains, my climb now continues with Mount Consulting.

With my background in finance, controlling, accounting and auditing, I feel right at home within the Mount Consulting team. Indeed, consulting is a new challenge for me – one that I am keen to explore, as it will allow me to apply my expertise in new environments while also learning and expanding my skills.

What financial experience and track record do you bring the role?
I am an experienced financial manager and controller with a history of working within various industries, both in national and multinational companies, privately and publicly owned. I’m also a Certified Accountant and Controller, a former Lecturer of Basic Accounting and Advanced Financial Reporting at the Institute of Certified Accounting of Montenegro and a court expert for finance and economics.

I decided to convert my overall experience and expertise in finance, accounting, and controlling into a function as consultant at Mount Consulting and apply it all as an advisor to the client, instead of being the client.

How has Mount Consulting helped you settle in the country and in the role?
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” is a quote from the American writer Neale Donald Walsch and I truly believe these words. It was a lucky coincidence via a headhunter which connected me to Mount Consulting, and the firm has been helping me along every step of my journey. From the administrative steps to finding accommodation and more.

The firm also organised a Dutch cultural awareness training for me, one-on-one meetings with the team members, and introduced me to the clients and projects. I really appreciate the personal approach and all their effort to making mee feel welcome and at home.

Finally, how do you look back at your first weeks at Mount and in the country?
Travel is an opportunity to take a brief peek into another world. Living abroad, on the other hand, allows us to truly get to know a society. I already admire the Dutch view of the world, the no-nonsense way of communicating and the approach to work-life balance, all of which are part of that Dutch style.

Obviously, I do miss the sun and nice weather which we have year-round in Montenegro, but more than that – I am looking forward to the further relaxing of the Covid-19 measures, so I can dive deeper into the cultural and social life (museums, history, theatre, restaurants, etc).

I already love the fact that at Mount Consulting, all team members can actively contribute to the growth of the firm. The firm distinguishes itself for its entrepreneurial culture, the way people share creative ideas, give feedback and provide support.

From working at an international client to coaching colleagues and developing new ideas, consultants at Mount Consulting face new and exciting challenges every day. Some mountains only require a good pair of shoes. Others require an entire team to conquer. Knowing which is which is the key to success, because ultimately, it’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.