Bioneer transitions to Deltek's ERP solution in the cloud

08 April 2021 2 min. read

With a contract research unit and a manufacturing unit, Bioneer is well-positioned to develop pharmaceutical drug candidates, produce proteins, and test such candidates in advanced human cell models. From its base in Denmark, the firm provides research, development and consultancy services to nearly 100 companies across Europe, the US and Asia.

Bioneer works on assignments of all shapes and sizes – and in an industry with set ways of doing things, managing diverse project types and sizes is a complex task. It was even more challenging with a limited ERP system that left teams reliant on manual data entry.

“We sell laboratory-based services, which requires registering every hour worked, and we need to generate intuitive reports each month for Bioneer management and our board of directors,” says Lars Pedersen, the CEO of Bioneer.

Lars Hagsholm Pedersen, CEO, Bioneer

Pedersen. “And as our projects are often split across compartmentalised business units, we need detailed insights into forecasted timelines and financials to keep projects on track.”

“With our old ERP, we needed to run many operations in Excel,” says Lars. “There’s always a risk of error when you take something out of a system and process it manually. Even the smallest mistakes can have a big impact on reporting and forecasting, especially as we were updating balance sheets manually. It also makes it a lot harder to extract meaningful insights from our data.”

The end of an era – and a new opportunity

Bioneer saw an opportunity to solve these challenges, when its ERP license ended. The need to adopt a new cloud-based ERP solution gave Bioneer a chance to digitalise more of its project and resource management processes – and accelerate business agility with a solution specifically designed for project-based businesses.

“After having examined many different ERP solutions, we knew we wanted a system that had the necessary capabilities to let us move quickly – and didn’t require any extra module programming. A person from an organisation with the same parent company as us had worked with Deltek in the past, and suggested Deltek’s ERP solution.”

With a new cloud-based ERP, Bioneer gets all the benefits of modern reporting and data analysis. Since implementing the solution, the burden of manual data handling has been reduced significantly, with Excel usage still dropping.

“It’s already made life at Bioneer a lot easier,” says Lars. “Crucially, we can plan ahead better – and get faster, more accurate reporting. Within a few minutes, I can get an overview of our monthly financials and forecasts. Invoices can be generated straight from the system, reducing the amount of paper processes. And we can extract more meaningful insights from our data, which is great for our clients, as it makes it much easier to communicate a project’s progress.”

Bioneer are already looking at how they realise further benefits – including digitalised client collaboration, people management planning, and, later down the line, artificial intelligence-driven data extraction.