Transavia expands technology collaboration with Cegeka

20 May 2022 3 min. read

To help meet with the intense digital demands of modern air-travel, Transavia five years ago outsourced its entire IT infrastructure to Cegeka. Building on the successful collaboration, the Dutch low-cost carrier has now extended and at the same time expanded its collaboration with the IT services provider.

Back in 2017, Transavia faced with a major strategic IT decision. The international airline had an in-house team that was managing its IT infrastructure; but maintaining and developing its vast infrastructure and applications landscape was an increasingly challenging task.

With large systems in place, and more than 100 applications in operation, the company explored finding an IT partner to take over the management and operation of its IT infrastructure.

Transavia expands technology collaboration with Cegeka

After an internal analysis, then-CIO Michel van Hout (now CIO at Dutch Flower Group) determined that outsourcing Transavia’s IT infrastructure to one end-to-end digital partner was the way forward.

Speaking at the time, Van Hout said, “By relying on an expert partner to support and maintain our IT infrastructure, we wanted to guarantee 24/7 continuity and reduce operational costs… At the same time, we’d have an extra partner on our side to guide us on our journey to digital transformation.”

A tender procedure was launched, and about twenty IT service providers were added to a long list. Over the process of a thorough procurement process, this was whittled down to one firm.

Cegeka came out on top chiefly due to the firm’s demonstrations of know-how, experience and cultural fit. “A cost-conscious attitude helped as well, with that being a core goal for a low-cost carrier like Transavia,” said Van Hout.

Most importantly of all, perhaps, was the fact Transavia already had a relationship with the IT consulting firm. Since 2016, the Belgian-origin group had been managing Transavia’s digital workplace infrastructure. That year of work helped build trust between Cegeka and its client, proving itself to be the right choice.

The firm was resultingly handed a five-year contract to maintain Transavia’s IT infrastructure – a contract which has now been renewed for the same time period.

Kenneth Konigferander, IT Area Lead at Transavia, commented, “The new contract guarantees that Cegeka will help us even more in the coming years, helping offer our customers a hassle-free flight experience by introducing innovative and innovative technology, facilitating cloud migration and simplifying the IT landscape.”

On top of Cegeka’s previous duties, the renewed contract also sees a number of expansions for its remit. Now, security services, a new modern workplace and the migration to the public cloud have been added to the collaboration.

Karim Henkens, Director of Cegeka in the Netherlands, stated, “We are proud that we can continue to support Transavia in the coming years with managed services, service desk services, on-site support and project implementation. In addition, we will play a role in the smarter design of IT, the implementation of innovations and the use of cost-efficient, modern company resources.”

Transavia flies to more than 50 destinations, from well-known cities such as Ibiza, Crete and Porto, to destinations in the Middle East such as Beirut and Dubai. The airline is a subsidiary of Air France-KLM.