Leaders in Finance announces the European AML Event

07 June 2022 Consultancy.eu 3 min. read

The gatekeeping function of banks is a hot topic – as AML fines are skyrocketing, and the European Court of Auditors branded Europe’s anti-money laundering approach ‘flawed and susceptible to lobbying’. It is the ideal time to bring money laundering fighters together in one central place: the Leaders in Finance AML Europe Event, on September 22nd, in Brussels.

The event is organised by Leaders in Finance Events – and it is no stranger to international gatherings of this kind. Last year, it also hosted an anti-money laundering (AML) event in the Netherlands, during which it was repeatedly emphasised that money laundering does not stop at the border.

In fact, the better a country has its money laundering policy in order, the more likely it is that criminal money is channelled abroad instead. Speakers and panellists at that event therefore argued that an international public-private partnership is of decisive importance.

Eerste Europese Leaders in Finance AML Event op komst

The follow-up event will cover the many facets of the cat-and-mouse game between banks and criminals – from technological innovations in money laundering to the broad cooperation within the AML chain and new European legislation.

Above all, however, the event is meant to be a meeting ground where professionals from the European AML sector can come together and share their knowledge.

“The event is designed for international financial sector executives as well as public and private AML chain partners,” explained co-founder Ernst Beskers. “By bringing stakeholders together in one place we hope to strengthen existing collaborations and build new relationships. The idea is that everyone will return home afterwards enthusiastic and full of energy.”

International leaders have the floor

To achieve this, a programme has been put together with plenty of room for learning, discussion and networking, in which various leaders from the international AML field will have their say.

Among the speakers at the event are Wim Mijs (CEO European Banking Federation), Oliver Bullough (author of Moneyland and Butler to the World), Krik Gunning (CEO Fourthline), Nick Maxwell (Head of the Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing Research Programme), Norbert Siegers (CEO Transaction Monitoring Netherlands), Baldwin Kramer (Partner Deloitte Forensic & Financial Crime), and Jason Sharman (Professor of International Relations at Cambridge University).


The day will kick off with a keynote address by Oliver Bullough, followed by a session addressing the international perspective on AML based on Sharman’s research findings. The morning program ends with a number of pitches on good AML practices from across Europe.

Money Land, Butler to the World - Oliver Bullough

After a lunch and networking session, the first panel discussion (with delegates from European regulators and supervisors) is on the agenda. Next, participants can choose from two ‘tracks’: ‘Tech and AML’ – which looks at the role of innovative technologies in the onboarding process – or ‘Transaction Monitoring & Tech’ – which zooms in on challenges (privacy) and opportunities (artificial intelligence).

The elective programme is followed by the plenary closing. However, this does not mean the day is over, because afterwards there is still plenty of room for networking, and enjoying refreshments.


The AML Europe Event is an international event organized by Leaders in Finance Events. The event – co-sponsored by IBM, Deloitte, Silent Eight, Fourthline and the European Banking Federation – will take place in the European capital, Brussels.

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