Carsten Knobel (CEO) on Henkel’s Purposeful Growth strategy

17 June 2022 2 min. read

In the latest edition of its CEO interview series, SparkOptimus founder Alexandra Jankovich sat down with Carsten Knobel, CEO at Henkel, to discuss the company’s strategy, sustainability, and the way Henkel uses digital to better serve its customers.

A German multinational company, Henkel is most known among consumers for its Loctite (adhesives), Persil (laundry detergent), Fa (body products), Pritt (glue), Dial and Purex brands (cleaning), amongst others. The firm also supplies adhesives, sealants and coatings to companies in industrial sectors.

The €20 billion company (total sales in fiscal 2021) is led by Carsten Knobel, who has been with the firm for 27 years, and in the top seat since early 2020.

In discussion with Jankovich, Knobel kicks off by outlining Henkel’s corporate-wide transformation and growth agenda, known internally as its Purposeful Growth agenda. He discusses the progress made over the last two years, the five key elements behind the agenda and what the future holds.

The CEO further discusses the company’s digital vision, which sets out to power all parts of the business with cutting edge digital technologies and processes, leading to more value for customers, enhanced efficiencies within the group, and more impactful innovation. Meanwhile, digital also serves as a driver of Henkel’s ambition to become climate positive by 2030.

The interview between the two leaders comes on the back of a successful working relationship between SparkOptimus and Henkel. Over the past years, the consultancy has helped Henkel’s Adhesive business unit with digital strategy and implementation work.

Earlier CEOs interviewed by Jankovich include Nancy McKinstry (Wolters Kluwer), Mark Schneider (Nestlé), and Jean-François van Boxmeer (former CEO of Heineken).